Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Nursery Art

Happy Thursday everyone!  
Early this morning I ran into the nursery and snapped some pics of the DIY nursery art I've been working on using the frames I got from Ikea.  As I stated awhile back we really don't have a "theme" for the nursery... but we both wanted there to be a lot of animals present.  I just love how little kids like naming what each one is...and making the noises. :)   
Anywho, I went for simple 3D cutouts of some basic animals.  I printed the images off on cardstock, cut them out and mounted them on aqua cardstock I had laying around. (Which happens to be the same shade as the nursery walls!!)  
Here they are in the closet... (you get a sneak peak at the fun colors!) 
{Sorry it's blurry (phone pics!)... I was rushing because my carpool was outside waiting on me!}

{The monkey is my favorite!}
{Matt likes the lion}

The next print I got inspired from Pinterest.  As soon as I saw it I started laughing and new I had to make it.  It was super easy... 
If you remember, I did purchase another letter sized frame and I do have another print I'm working on.  But it'll have to wait until the little one arrives because it'll be custom with the name and date of birth.  :)  I did want to find a way to frame the ultrasound pictures too... so I may need to do another Ikea run.. {Sigh}... pull my arm!

...and the hangers... haha.  Still blurry!  Geez I'll take better pictures once everything is set up... so sorry! 
Matt is still working on rewiring some outlets and rerouting the ventilation system.  Hopefully we can get a lot more of the building done this weekend and start painting the built-ins.  We decided we'd post some things once they are complete. 


  1. i am loving the art! so cute! and the monkey is my favorite too ... they have always been my favorite! everything is looking so good and i'm loving the colors!

  2. Those are so freaking' adorable! What a great idea.

  3. Awwww these are great ideas! And I love the sign for the crying babie!

  4. absolutely LOVE the 3-d animals and the crying saying!!! LMAO! I think I want that in our future nursery too! momma needs her sleep! ;)

  5. I thought I was done with babies until I saw this post :-) How absolutely cuuuute!! Can't wait to see the whole reveal!!


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