Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's February! Project Lineup!

Time to see how we're doing schedule wise for my monthly goals!

  • Repair and replace damaged window screens (from the hail storm last summer)
  • Drop off recycling...yup, the recycle bins we made are full!! 
  • Inspect and replace smoke detectors.  
  • Get board and batten installed in nursery
  • Replace travel module in garage door. 
  • Organize garage shelf
Looks like some things will be carrying over to February! 

  • Order and assemble baby furniture!...crib, dresser, storage shelf
  • Ikea run for house stuff!
  • Spring MBA classes...start 2/18
  • Finish laundry room! (I want my Ikea cabinets installed!)... this may have to be put on hold. 
  • Drop of recycling!
  • Get nursery construction done
I'm optimistic... 
One of the bloggers I follow is making a commitment to not spend anything on new projects for the month of February.  I'm considering taking up this challenge (not including nursery purchases).  We'll see if I can pull in off in March?!  :) 


  1. you got a lot done in Jan ... yay for you!

    and good luck with the not spending money in the month of Feb!

  2. You productive penny!!

    I'm doing a no spend in Feb too. I'm writing down the things that I want/thought about buying... instead of actually buying it.
    Um... it's the 2nd... the list has 6 items on it. FML.

    I hope your Feb is productive too.

    When do your classes end this term? Mine end May 15, and I'm due June 3 so I'm nervous...

    1. My classes start Feb 18th for only three Saturday mornings. I'm going light this semester. lol. I hope you're about to finish with still enough time to chill before Embry arrives!


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