Monday, February 20, 2012

Salad for the week!

Pinterest strikes again!
I had a pic of salad in a jar pinned for months!  I wasn't craving salad for awhile, so I never got around to giving it a go. Well last night Matt and I went to the grocery store and bought half the produce department because I was really wanting fruits and veggies!  I decided to go ahead and make the salad jars too!
It's super easy.
Take a mason jar... or anything similar and pour in your preferred salad dressing.  Then toss in all your chopped veggies (NOT the lettuce!).  Top with cheese then add your lettuce on top.  Make sure the lettuce does not come in contact with the dressing.  This allows you to keep the salad for a week!
I only had four large jars on hand so I'll need to invest in some more. :)  I also made some pasta salad and stored those in smaller jars for Matt to take along with his sandwiches.
Mine had poppyseed dressing, carrots, green pepper, red pepper, onions, cheese, chicken, and lettuce!
As an extra I boiled some eggs and have them stored in the fridge.  I'll break and slice right before eating. :)
Just pouring it into a bowl mixes the dressing in perfectly!
So delish!!  And what a time saver in the morning!!


  1. Omg! That looks incredible! Wow! What a great idea too!

  2. This is a great idea. I am stealing it ;)

    1. For some reason my comment button for this post is missing so I'm commenting as a reply! What size mason jars did you get? I love this idea too.

    2. Cece, I used the large mason jars (quart)

  3. OMG! what a fabulous idea, I myself am a Salad lover, but I always hate toting around my entire kitchen, THIS will def be a project that I'll test out:) THANKS!

  4. I just made four of them for this week's lunches. I am anxious how my lunch will be tomorrow!!


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