Thursday, March 15, 2012

32 week Bump Update!

...a look at how far we've come along! 

How Far Along? 32 weeks 5 days
Size of Baby? About 16.7 inches and weighing about 3.75 lbs 
Maternity Clothes? Now that the weather is getting warm I want to go on another shopping spree... just a couple of cute Spring-weather tops! 
Stretch Marks? none in sight!...I may get through this unscathed! 
Sleep? I sleep propped up almost in a sitting position.  It's the only way to sleep through the night and wake up without aches and pains.  It's really not that bad.
Food Cravings? Because of my GD I'm on a pretty strict diet and I don't crave as much.  But if I get to treat myself I go straight for a fruit smoothie!
What I Miss: Being able to go an hour without needing to use the restroom.
What I'm Looking Forward To:  Finishing up the nursery this week!  The construction/painting is at the closing end.  Once we clean the carpet and assemble the crib we decided we'll take pics and share with all of you!
Symptoms? Nesting, fatigue, slightly antsy...and a left ankle the size of a large orange.
Movement? We definitely have an active one.
Belly Button In or Out? It's gone.  All stretched out.  I hope I get it back.
Labor Signs? I've started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions.  Usually drinking a lot of water takes care of it.  It's  totally normal at this stage.
Best Moment of the Week? At my last doc appointment, my mom came with so that she could hear the baby's heartbeat.  Well when the doc put the gel on and started moving the probe around she found the heartbeat...but then Cricket drop kicked the probe away...HARD.  Both my mom and doc said "whoa"!   Needless to say, on the drive home we had a long talk about how rude it was to constantly kick anything that comes close to the belly. 
Weekly Wisdom: It's rude for OREO to celebrate their 100th birthday while I'm dealing with gestational diabetes.  (it didn't stop me from eating two cookies and tall glass of cold milk...but still...rude.)


  1. hahaha, Oreo is SO rude! glad you were still able to enjoy! and now i am craving Oreo so i guess you are rude now ;)

    You look amazing! love to see your belly bump progress!!!

    so soon little Cricket will be here :)

  2. i love the belly progress pictures. you are looking amazing.

  3. I'm gunna punch OREO in the face for being so inconsiderate to you!!

    You look great and your progress was super cool to see!

    I think we may be related, or perhaps Cricket and Embry are related with a magical in-utero baby bond, because they are both rude lil kickers!!

    Yay for spring shopping spree! :)

  4. Kathy, I teared up looking at your latest baby bump picture. I miss you so much and I'm so very happy for you and Matt. I'm so glad God has blessed you with this life miracle. Hugs and love your way!!

  5. your bump is too the pictures!!


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