Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pre-Garden Setup

Not going to lie...I've been enjoying this freakish 80-deg weather and not getting as much done inside the house as I would like... so I'm going to shift over and post some inspiration outside...with the garden!
Matt's building me another garden box this year to accommodate some more veggies that we had wished we planted.  We'll still do the abundance of peppers... but we also want to expand the tomatoes and maybe get into cucumber and zucchini... yum!

But I stumbled upon this awesome post on Tales of Domestica on creating homemade peat pots to start your seed  gardening a little sooner inside!  LOVE THIS!  The best part is the pots are made with toilet paper rolls...(which we're in abundance in our abode wonder who's been frequenting the BR excessively).
As we're eating store-bought veggies I can just take the seeds and start planting!  
The toilet paper rolls degrade in the ground just just peat pots too!  What a frugal and fantastic idea!! 

Anyone else gearing up for gardening yet? 


  1. Hi Kathy-- Thanks for the shout out! I hope you are having fun garden planning. Stay tuned on my blog for more garden tips and updates! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Cool idea, must pin it and show hubby for our summer gardening. our weather is still cloudy, rainy and snowy :(

  3. this is an amazing idea!!!!!!! I'm pinning it and telling Eric we need to do this ASAP!!!


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