Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring Clean into Organization!

I LOVE Spring... like seriously... It's the best season next to Fall.  The weather is slowly getting warmer, but not uncomfortable and it just feels like everything new is coming about. :)
This Spring will be hectic for us as we add a new addition to the family... but that doesn't mean we'll be slacking on the must-have Spring Cleaning!!  Yay!!
Jen, over at iheartorganizing, is hosting a Spring into Organization Blogger Parade!  You better believe I'll be following along as much as I can!
Check out the plan...

{1} Of Course I Have a Checklist!...
First, I went over to Ask Anna who featured Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After and printed her super awesome Spring Cleaning Checklist!
{2} Of Course I Have a Plan!...
By March 20th Matt and I will have gone through the house and picked out projects to get done to organize the home.   This will tie in really well with my monthly I'm super excited to be able to tackle them.  For sure you can expect the following areas to get some attention. 
- Garage {Matt's goal}
- Pantry
- Top of basement stairs
- Linen closet

{3} Of Course I Have a Challenge!...
Ha... what's more exciting than making a simple goal difficult by throwing in a challenge?!  Yup... we're putting a budget restriction on this.   From March 20-June 20 we'll only budget $200 to get what we want done completed.  That means we need to be extra resourceful with what we already have in the house!  It'll force us to get our creative juices flowing too! 

{4} Of Course I Have Inspiration!...
{Inspired by Charm}
So what are all your plans for Spring?!  


  1. Delurking. Love the blog by the way. This post is giving me a serious itch, even though I'm not one to strictly abide to lists. I'm going to give it a shot though, I've officially declared March "cleansing month." Thanks for sharing the list!

  2. ::sigh:: Oh Kathy. You know, even though you sicken me with your craftiness, productivity and organization....this post is right on time. And I LOVE it. I'm in the middle of writing a post about the same thing (KINDA) Be prepared to be "shouted out" on my next post.

    PS: How you feeling?

    1. Oh how exciting Dani!! We can plow through together with babies tied to our backs. lol Feeling really good...the warmer weather has me getting some energy back! Hope you're hanging in there too!


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