Tuesday, April 3, 2012

35 week Bump Update!

 How Far Along? 35 weeks 3 days
Size of Baby? About 18 inches and weighing about 5 and 1/4 lbs (honey dew melon)
Maternity Clothes? I got a chance to rock my maternity swimsuit during our babymoon!  
Stretch Marks? none in sight!...I may get through this unscathed! 
Sleep? I'm attempting a new sleep position... I'll let you know how it goes next week.  Trying not to be sitting up all the time now. 
Food Cravings? Summer foods like BBQ Potato chips... potato salad... huge fruit salad...popsicles...ice cream and jello! 
What I Miss: Being able to tie my own shoes. Bending over not only takes my breath away... it's starting to hurt...and the baby kicks back immediately! 
What I'm Looking Forward To:  Finishing up all the sewing projects/decorating for the nursery. 
Symptoms? I now get `bouts of day sickness/heartburn/indigestion.  Ugh... it's like having no control over my insides. :(
Movement? Cricket's running out of room fast so it's more of full organ attack in there. 
Belly Button In or Out? There's no point in discussing anymore... it's unrecognizable.
Labor Signs? Just the normal Braxton-Hicks contractions every now and again.
Best Moment of the Week? We had our babymoon!  It was so relaxing! When we got home we put the crib together and some more baby gear... it's definitely feeling super real now!  We also had our 35 week growth scan to make sure our lil' one isn't too big because of the gestational diabetes.  So far measuring well!  Pics are below!
Weekly Wisdom: Men nest too.  Matt is on rampage in the house. I can't keep up! 

This is a slight head on shot of Cricket's face. 
This is my favorite head profile!  Full on thumb sucking action! :)


  1. Look at that adorable face! I got little goosebumps seeing Cricket's little face!

    Your baby bump looks incredible! And 35 weeks! OMG!! Time is moving :)

  2. Sweet baby C is so precious already!!! I'm SO VERY SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!!

  3. i can't wait to see baby :)


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