Monday, April 2, 2012

Babymoon Recap!

Yes, you read right... we went on a Babymoon!  One last romantic getaway/hurrah before the lil' one arrives.  We decided to head to our local Amish country and stay at this gorgeous hotel and just relax the weekend away!
We actually hit the road early Saturday morning... going by Starbucks to get some breakfast sandwiches and drinks!
From the get-go Cricket was super active.  Very rare for the I guess he or her was excited to get away for an overnight too! 

We arrived at our hotel early so we couldn't check in yet.  But surrounding the area were shops that we decided to check out. 

We actually got a lot of inspiration for the makeover we're doing in the guest bathroom!  Can't wait to get started on that!! 

We finally got the call that we were allowed to check-in... the room was gorgeous!!  We ended up getting the executive suite which included an in-room Jacuzzi tub and fireplace! 

We decided to head back out and check out the local wineries and cheese shops.  We ended up having lunch at a cute lil deli that had a live band.  The soup and sandwiches were delicious!!  I even splurged and got a smoothie!!  (shh... don't tell my doctor! lol)
Yeah... we're hot like that!
We went back to the hotel and changed to go swimming.  The pool was in a greenhouse type it really felt like you were outside!  Being in water felt so I was weightless!  It was hard to get me out in order to go for dinner! 

I was good and didn't get "into" the hottub... just soaked my cankles. :)
Matt's signature "dolphin" move...
I tried too... but I forgot to keep my hands we named it the "Starfish"
No explanation lol...

After dinner we just chilled in the room enjoying the Jacuzzi tub...watching movies and eating the chocolate covered strawberries I made and brought with us... yum!

On the way home we stopped and got a couple's massage (mine was prenatal)... it totally did the trick in getting all the kinks out of my back and legs.  I felt like a new person!! 
All in all the trip was a huge success.  We're now super ready to welcome our lil' one. :) 


  1. Matt's dolphin is the best part!! hahaha. I like your preggo suit... and I hope you saved me some chocloate-covered strawberries.

    1. haha thanks! ...and about the strawberries... you've met Matt right?!

  2. What a nice trip. The hotel is beautiful and the green house pool looks pretty cool.

  3. OMG!!!! Matt is my kindred water brother. I do the dolphin move too!!! I like your starfish move LOL too cute. The babymoon looked awesome! Your entire post had me grinning. Hotel looked lovely, and I'm SO JEALOUS you got to swim and feel weightless. Living vicariously through you....

  4. So awesome! Looks like a great baby moon! Seriously the two of you are just too cute together! Glad that the both of you had an incredible time!

  5. Babymoon.... such a good idea!!! *taking notes* lol

  6. Love your babymoon. You both look so happy!

    Can't wait to go on ours in August!

    You look great by the way! I am a regular reader of your blog...just haven't posted :-).

    1. Thanks so much for finally posting! Always nice to see a new face! :)

  7. chocolate covered strawberries! I can't get over it :0

  8. everything looks wonderful, perfect babymoon :). i like your new profil pic :)

  9. You guys are so freaking adorable, such a sweet babymoon. Baby C can definitely make his appearance. By the way I think you are having a boy ;), I am basing that on the fact that baby boys make their mom glow and you definitely have the glow.

  10. You guys are so cute! I wish we would have went on a babymoon before our last baby. Looks like you had a great time!


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