Friday, April 27, 2012

Guest Bathroom Update

So yesterday was crazy productive.  In between my doctor's appointments I managed to tape off the bathroom and get it completely painted...while rocking out to Adele on Pandora radio. :)
I used taping instructions from Young House Love.  Matt had helped me last week to mark the corners with the proper measurements... so all I had to do was connect the lines with tape making sure I was either inside or outside the lines (Read their directions... they make a lot of sense!). I used blue scotch tape... though many will say they like the frog tape.

I made arrows to show me where to paint... to avoid any mistakes!!

Next, I took some tan paint we had used in the stairwell and diluted it down with some white.  So yeah... I don't have a color number for this room. But I made sure to save the extra in case we need touch-ups down the road.  I started painting behind the toilet first with a brush...and then edged everywhere whereby the roller wouldn't be able to fit.  I came back around with the roller and finished it up.

The key now was to remove the tape right away... but carefully.  I made a couple touch-ups to the edges...but otherwise it came out great.

As I said in my last post, I had a lot of the decor already so I started putting those elements in.  The wooden shelf was too raw... so I sprayed it with some white spray paint and rubbed it in to give it a washed-up beach look.   I still need to get my framed art done, the wreath...and the mirror.  I'm hoping to tackle that tonight.  Still on the hunt for the towel rack too!

Stay tuned!!
Baby Update: Doc said between now and next Thursday!...


  1. The stripes look great!

  2. Kathy,

    I'm impressed! The stripes turned out great, but you get a bonus for doing while pregnant!

    I'm visiting from the Show and Tell linky party. I hope that you can stop by my blog as well, before the baby? :)

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Kathy our bathrooms are twins!!!! Same color scheme and beachy feel!! I cannot believe you did this whilst full-on pregnant!! That nesting instinct gets things done!!
    Your bathroom looks great but I am even more excited to hear about your big big big project for 2012 - best wishes for an easy delivery & healthy little bambino! Thanks for linking up to B&A this month :)

  4. Girl you are crazy with a big C. I love your dedication to your projects. It turned out so nice. I can't believe that you tackled this project this far along in your pregnancy...YAY for baby's arrival (soon anyway).

  5. I've never thought about updating our two guest bathrooms, but I might look into it now. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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