Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magnetic Organizational Board

...yup...I'm still doing DIY projects on the side!
I was super inspired a few months back by this amazing Magnetic Organizational Board posted by Shelley on House of Smiths.
It was exactly what we needed on our basement door to collect all that paperwork that accumulated on our kitchen table and counters. :)  I actually started collecting what I needed for this project awhile back and let it sit in my garage as we worked on the nursery.  But once the sun came out I ran waddled out with a couple cans of spray paint and got this knocked out!  Check out how great it turned out!!

Cost breakdown
Frame (Goodwill) - $15
Sheet Metal - Scrap from Matt's work
Decorative radiator cover sheet (Lowes) - $ 20 (around that... can't remember!)
Spray Paint (Krylon) - Free... What I had laying around
Clips (Hobby Lobby) - $2
Heavy Duty Magnets (Hobby Lobby) - $2
Labels - DIY with the laminator!
Command Picture Hanging Strips (Walmart) - $6


I first had Matt cut the metal sheets down to size using tin snips.
{The frame I picked up from Goodwill}
I stripped down the frame and sprayed it black... then top-coated with white.  By sanding the edges you get an antiqued look.
I then spray painted the sheet metal a dark maroon.  I first put the decorative radiator sheeting in the frame followed by the maroon sheet metal (this is the magnetic part).  The frame I happened to get was stapled in from the back so I got out the staple gun and stapled in the back... it wasn't as sturdy as I would have liked so I caulked it it. lol  (I have a weird thing for caulk)

Anywho, to hang this frame... I didn't want to drill holes into the door.  I picked up a pack of command picture hanging strips... they work like a charm and the particular ones I chose held up to 12lbs!
So how did it turn out?!

{I took metal clips and glue gunned some flowers onto them}
{ The labels are magnetic as they can be moved around}
I  love it already!!  Can't wait to add to our to-do list of course. haha. Thanks again Shelley for sharing this tutorial!!


  1. You are so good at DIY projects. I can't believe you are still doing that with all that is going on. Go girl

  2. Super cute! I'm glad you found my blog 'cause I'm loving yours! I'm your newest follower.


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