Thursday, June 7, 2012

Patio Umbrella Stand Planter

Here's the last project I worked on before having Avery. I actually worked on it after our false alarm hospital visit. :) (talk about needing something to take my mind off my pregnancy!)
I was inspired by an article a friend sent me to make an umbrella planter for our back patio. It was in dire need of so shade and this was a very easy DIY to make that an option. :)

Flowerpot (at least 15 in. tall, with drainage)
3-ft. length 1 1/2-in. PVC pipe
1 square ft. nylon or aluminum screen
1 cubic ft. crushed lava stone
1 50-lb. bag fence-post concrete
3-ft. length 3/4-in. dowel
Planting mix and plants
Patio umbrella

I lucked out and found a large ceramic pot on clearance at our local fabric store that was relocating.  (Originally $70 marked down to $21!)

1) Measure depth of pot, and cut pipe to extend 8 inches above top.

2) Cover drainage holes in pot with screening. Pour in about 1 inch of lava stone and work one end of the pipe into it, centering pipe vertically in the pot. Pour or shovel in remaining lava stone around pipe to hold it in place.

3) Use water from hose to mix concrete in wheelbarrow according to directions on the bag. Shovel 2 to 3 inches of concrete in over lava stone, using hoe to create a slight slope away from pipe.

4) While concrete is still wet, use levels to check that pot is horizontal and pipe is vertical; also hose out wheelbarrow.

5) Cut dowel to six 6-inch lengths and push them vertically into wet concrete at equally spaced intervals around pipe to create drainage holes. Note: Be sure to wiggle the dowels around when the concrete is wet so they'll be easier to remove when it hardens.

6) Let dry overnight; pull dowels out. Use a dolly to move pot to final location before filling with potting mix, adding plants, and sliding in umbrella. If it is loose, add wood shims around pole to keep it vertical.
...and shots of the umbrella being put to good use on my last days as a super preggo...
...gosh I was so round. haha


  1. Love! You amaze me with all you did so far along in your pregnancy :)

    Love the pics of Avery!

  2. Oh and I know there are no pics of Avery in this post, just letting you know I'm enjoying seeing them on FB and IG :)

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your DIY project. Kuddos Kathy, isn't crazy that now you have a baby.


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