Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Product Review - Glass Bottles

I decided early on in my pregnancy that in an effort to go green we would use glass bottles instead of plastic. With all the reheating involved with bottle feeding, the thought of chemicals leaching out into our baby's food was unsettling.  So I set out to do some research on brands.  Low and behold I found out that Evenflo makes glass bottles (4oz and 8oz) and for a great price at Target and Walmart.  With some more digging I found out they also sold these awesome rubber covers online (protection when dropped on hard surfaces). They have them in girl colors and boy colors.  We chose the boy colors because they seemed the most neutral (Blue, Yellow and Green).

{Evenflo Cozy Glass Bottle}
I ordered mine from you can find them at many online retailers.  One thing that I did find out was that glass bottles are not compatible with  many bottle warmers.  Mainly because they can not be heated to temperature at a rapid rate or they could break. I'll post a review on my bottle warmer soon. Though, I do feel they heat up in hot water very quickly.  My lil guy is not a patient one when it comes to eating!
The glass bottles also attach perfectly to my Medela breast I can just fill straight into them instead of using the provided plastic bottles.

Two months in and we love these bottles!  I originally ordered 1 pack in each size (three 4 oz and three 8 oz), but I went to Target and bought another three-pack of 8oz (without the sleeves).  I've dropped these bottles a couple times on cement and hardwood breakage!  The covers are a little annoying to put on and off when washing but I only use them when we leave the house or if I'm propping a bottle up for Avery to feed himself.  They have a nice when he's ready to feed himself, I'll feel safer.  They're also dishwasher safe, though I hand wash mine. But I'm sure they are heavy enough that they wouldn't blow around in the dishwasher they way plastic bottles do.

All in all these glass bottles are a great buy and a great way to avoid BPA chemicals.  I would definitely recommend them!

Note: This review was in no way influenced by free products from Evenflo.  (Though they would be appreciated!) This is just my and Avery's personal experience and opinion. :)


  1. ....and when i need this information, i can't wait to come back to it! i never thought to use glass bottles but that is such a good idea.

  2. Mmhm I never thought about glass bottles..:maybe I can try this! Thanks
    For the update!

  3. what's creepy is that I took a break from writing my glass bottle review post to check my google reader and I find this post! WEEEIIIRRRDD!!!

    We use Dr. Browns glass bottles and their sleeves and we LOVE them. The extra pieces people always complain about are really no big deal, and it keeps the bubbles out of baby!


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