Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flower Bed for the Shed!

Seems like every summer I pick the hottest day of the year to get a large outdoor project done!  You would think the planner in me would take some time to check the weather reports before ordering mulch and dirt to be delivered... but no. lol.
Well you all remember the shed we had built last year for the backyard.
Well it still needed some more work done.  The bottom needed to be framed out to keep the bunnies that lived underneath out. A ramp would be nice... and we decided last  minute to put a flower garden along the left corner.  Mainly because we had a lot of flowers that needed to be planted and no where else sounded good.
On a cooler Saturday, Matt went out there and finished the bottom of the shed.  A couple days later I wheeled Avery down there in his stroller and I painted it all white. Now that the base was complete we could start on the flower garden.  First thing was to map out the layout.  To do this I stuck a stake in the corner and attached some twine.  I pulled it as far out as I wanted and spray painted the ground to map out an even circle.
We had decided before that we would build a retaining wall, so we watched a tutorial video on Home Depot's website to learn how to get it set up. Basically we had to dig down 3 inches at the highest grade point and dig down deeper in the higher areas to have a level wall.
Matt was better at leveling the bottom level so I did more of the digging.  After the first layer was laid...the rest  of the bricks were simply stacked on top.

Then came the fun part of shoveling wheelbarrow full loads of dirt to fill it in.  (That was a blast...)  After we planted some plants we topped it with mulch and watered the crap out of them.  And voila!  I didn't take a closer picture because the plants are most likely dead now.  We've been going through a small drought...hence our brown lawn.  Even my rain barrel ran dry!  Some are fighting to stay alive...but once things cool down I'll post likely replant.
The good part is now that we've done this retaining wall, we're more confident that we can do the same in the front yard instead of hiring out.  :)  What do you all think?  Total cost of this project was about $160 not including the plants.  Those were mostly transplanted from my father-in-laws garden.


  1. you both are amazing.

    that is all!

  2. I think you two can do ANYTHING! Hey, mind if I live in your shed? It's just so cute!

  3. I agree with Faith and CeCe...the shed is just too cute and you guys are just amazing. You truly can do anything even your front yard. Great job!!

  4. All I can say is wow! You both are talented! Did you use outside help or was it just you and hubby?

    I wish I loved gardening. I love beautiful flower beds but am TERRIFIED of worms! So I wouldn't even go near planting soil.

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  5. I love it, so creative at all, nice choice of bricks perfect for a round flower bed.


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