Friday, July 20, 2012

The Final Curtain

No... I'm not done blogging.
But I am done hunting down the perfect curtains for our living room! :)  Just need to decide on two different color choices.  I am swaying towards one of two choices, but I would love some votes.  Here is the layout of the room...the fabric that is being used to upholster the chairs and the two curtain choices.  Let me know which you like better!
The window I'm covering is on the left wall (you can barely see it).  Ignore the chair color since it's going to be a grayish brown.

I consider option #1 a risk because I'm bringing in a new shade of blue.  I actually have a painting near the front door that has that shade of blue so it's just a matter of bringing it out through the rest of the room. 

This option is safe because the brown already exists... but allows for other parts of the room to be highlighted.

Please way in your opinions!!

Otherwise... Happy Friday!!


  1. They both look nice. If the chair color is going to be a grayish brown, I'd go with option 1. You can't go wrong with either. I just prefer the look of option 1 versus 2.

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  2. I personally like number 2 better but both are great colors!

  3. Option 1 because it shows chracter

  4. I like option 1 as well. And like u said, u could bring the blue out with acessories


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