Thursday, August 30, 2012

Entry Way Table - Complete!

Ah finally!
Don't you hate those projects that take months to get done...but could have been completed in just a few hours?!?  Yeah, that was this one.

The thing with this table was that I took the slightly lazy route in getting it done...and typical of any short-cut...I ran into issues!  In the end I pretty  much had to sand the entire table down and start over...but I learned my lesson! >>Do things the right way the first time around!!<<
I measured the holes and had a local glass cutting company custom make the panels.  They were a lot cheaper than I expected them to be!  I actually have another glass project underway that they're helping me with as well...
I had some white solvent based primer laying around so I used that. I top coated with Krylon Satin Black (spray paint).  I let it sit for a couple hours in the sun for a good cure.
I could go back and lightly sand some edges to get the white to show through...get that aged look.  For now I'll keep the table looking all black.  Overall it looks 100% better.  Now I just need to get some nice stuff to decorate with. :)

Paint: $10
Glass panels (x4): $20
Total Cost: $30!! 


  1. Look at you go! You are my hero. My DIY star!

    I love it. I wish we had an entry way that way I could do something like that!

  2. Looks great!! You are seriously my idol! Question: Where did you buy your glass? We actually have a table that needs a glass overlay (cause hubby dropped one of our wedding gifts on it and shattered it!). Maybe we can buy the glass and then find a glass cutting company to cut and polish the edges up.

    1. CeCe, I actually purchased the glass from a glass company. They cut and polished the edges for us. I just provided the measurements. I didn't know it was that easy. :) Just call your local glass companies and see what they offer.

  3. Really cute table and not a bad price at all!


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