Thursday, August 9, 2012

Living Room Sneak Peak...

Thanks so so much for your votes with choosing the curtains for my living room!  I ended up going with the majority and purchasing option #1!  Was definitely nervous that the blue would be off in color...but it was a risk I needed to take.

....and to see how great that decision turned out!... 
I seriously LOVE them!!  Still waiting on the sheers to this is just a sneak peak from the stairs. It totally makes the room.  The length is 108" so you can imagine how high this window is.  It was quite the task hanging the rod and curtains.  Avery  kept watching me from his jumperoo as if at any time momma might come crashing down.
For the rest of the night I kept making excuses to walk through the room so I could just gaze at them.  The blue is PERFECT.  It actually matches the painting next to it to the "T"!  Thanks again ladies! 

Curtains: JCPenney
Curtain Rod: Bed Bath & Beyond

Promise I'll get better pictures once the sheers get in.  Sun rises right outside that window!! 
Re-Upholstery of the couch and chair begins next week!!  So excited!! 


  1. It turned out really nice. I LOVE LOVE it!!! Good job! I bet Avery was appreciating it too :-).

  2. Kathy you are my DIY hero. I just love how good you are at piecing things together and making them look so awesome for cheap. You did a great with the curtains. I can't wait until I can put curtains up in our house (blinds are not quite the same). I will totally steal (I mean copy) some ideas from you.

  3. Your curtains look fabulous! Way to DIY your own. Love it!


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