Monday, August 20, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

...because I strongly feel humor makes a marriage all that more fun... let's interview my husband, Matt.

If your life were to be a movie, what famous actor would you cast to play the role of you? 
Arnold Schwarzengger...because we look a lot alike.
What do you consider your most striking feature? 
My upper lip. It's voluptuous.
What has been your favorite DIY project? 
Definitely working on Avery's nursery.  That was intense, but it was worth it!  I also liked working on all the outdoor projects. 
What's next on your "honey-do" list? 
Building the craft room downstairs for the wife!  She needs her own space.  That will then lead to all the work I have to do to finish the basement. 

What do you like most about being a husband and father? 
I've always wanted a family.  The idea of packing the car up and taking a long trip together as a family is a dream come true.  It gets me so excited to be able to do that now. 
What do you hope to one day teach your son? 
To value his family over his friends.  Family is everything and they always have your back. 


  1. Ok Matt you are so hilarious! The lip comment and the Arnold comment made me laugh out loud!

    Great interview, really enjoyed reading this! :)

  2. Awww i have the BEST Brother-in-law ever!! True story.

  3. His father taught him well. He is a gem of a husband!

  4. Haha! I love it! This was hilarious. :) I feel a sense of humor is a must in a spouse.

  5. ha, what a cute idea. and LOVE that last picture of your baby!!

  6. I agree with pancakes, that last picture is fabulous! So cute! I love this interview. I might have to steal the idea or at least do something like it!

  7. This is just too sweet. Matt is hilarious and I love his views on family.


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