Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Product Review - Cloth Diapers

...haha... I bet some of you are surprised to read that title.  I never really let on to any of you that we were cloth diapering.  To be honest, I wasn't ready to hear all the backlash from people like we had heard when we had decided before Avery was born.  It was new territory and quite frankly, people just don't know that much about it...except for what they remember back in the day.  Well let me tell ya... times have changed my friends!
And the new cloth diaper... freakin' rocks!  Let me tell you more about the process and how we came to this decision...

So we decided to cloth diaper maybe 4-5 months into the pregnancy.  I had already done a lot of research on the topic and realized a few things about disposable diapers (DD's):
  1. Overtime, they are EXPENSIVE
  2. They sit in landfills and don't biodegrade
  3. They are full of chemicals (polyacrylate gel and dioxins)
Now I'm not a crazy health nut, so my main drive to do this was to save money, be greener and as a bonus use a safer alternative for Avery.  (Many mom's say cloth diapering reduces diaper rash and promotes early potty training too).  I knew I needed to do some homework on the subject. Switching over meant we would have to make some changes, like the laundry detergent, type of diaper rash cream (if needed) and even storage space.  So here are some of the sites I did my research on:
Next, was time to pick which company I wanted to purchase my diapers from and what type.  Yes, there are many brands and types of cloth diapers within a wide spectrum and colors and price.. and look how cute! {Source - Kelly's Closet}


So we decided on Kawaii One Size Snap Closure Pocket Diapers and ordered them from Sweet Bottoms.  When they arrived I was amazed at how soft they felt!  They came with two inserts for each that fit into a sewn-in pocket.  Usually we use 1 insert during the day and double up at night for the heavy wetting.  We bought a total of 11 diapers in various colors!  

Some other accessories that we got...that I consider must haves are: 
  • Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag:  Can store both clean and soiled diapers.  When ready to wash, just toss inside-out into the washing machine with the diapers. We bought 2! This replaced the ever-famous diaper genie. We keep ours hanging on the front knob of the changing dresser.  (I need to get a command strip hook and put it on the side.)
  • BumGenius Diaper Sprayer: For those super soiled diapers... you can just spray into the toilet and flush rather than the old school "soak method".
  • Flushable Diaper Liners: Simply place liner on diaper, and when soiled (via #2), simply roll up and flush liner in toilet.
  • Reuseable Wipes (Etsy): Again, just easier to throw everything in the diaper and into the wash.  And they're super soft (bamboo/Velour).  With the DIY wipe solution and wipes warmer Avery's bum cleaning just went all spa-like!
{Wipes are currently soaked in Zany Apricot solution...they smell so good!!}

  • Laundry Detergent: We switched to a brand that was safe on the diapers (doesn't mess with their absorbency).
At first, we were nervous that this was going to be too much work, messy and even stinky.  After  a week we had a routine down and it wasn't any more work than a normal laundry day.  Avery doesn't blow out these diapers like he does the DDs and the mess is well contained.  Yes, there's a lil stink when opening the wet/dry bag...but they are very well trapped when zipped.  When it's time to wash I carry the bag down to the laundry room and push it inside-out inside of the washing machine and shut the door.  When the wash comes out...they look and smell like new!  (I use the sanitize wash setting, but really a normal setting does just as well)  Many companies suggest air drying them outside, but we just throw  them in the dryer without a dryer sheet (chemicals in the sheet mess with the absorbency).  A lot of CD-ers claim that they don't dry well (have to run the dryer twice) but I found that I can just wait to dry them with a full load of clothes and they're fine.

We do still use DDs for long trips (Pampers is our DD of choice), when my mom watches him (still convincing her how easy this is), and the church nursery (DD only policy).  But otherwise, at home he's all cloth.  We've already seen the cost advantage as well, as we haven't purchased a single package of diapers yet.  (We're still using the cases we got as gifts) So how does Avery like them?  Well he hasn't had a single case of diaper rash, blowout or leak. He moves around just as well as he does with DDs and... he's stylin'. :)

So do I recommend the use of cloth diapers?  Oh heck yeah!   It was definitely an upfront investment of about $250-300.  But we don't have to spend anymore except for more detergent (which is actually cheaper than what we were spending before!) and on the ingredients for the wipes solution. (probably a yearly reorder). 

Another plus is that they are convenient.  We don't have to worry about waking up and not having any more diapers on hand.  Plus...they can be used with our next little one!  (That's where the real savings will come rolling in). 

So have a surprised a lot of you or what??!  Talk to me. :)

No compensation was received for any of the products mentioned above.  The opinions expressed in the review are completely my own.  :)


  1. Hmmm...I am starting to think this might be the way to go. J & I are looking for ways to cut costs. Since this is our first, I don't really know how much diapers are and how many will be needed so I'll have to do some research.

    Thanks so much for the links! Very informative and I agree, Avery is definitely styling! :)

    1. Glad I could help! Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.

  2. Cloth diapers have come along way in 10 yrs. I remember going to a panel discussion about the cloth diapers and they were talking about introducing the disposable liners at the time.

    Good for you for making your own informed decision.

  3. Avery's such a cute diaper model! :)
    So yeah...cloth diapers are not for me. It's my belief that cloth diapered babies ARE potty trained earlier...because parents get fed up with dealing with the diapers sooner than parents who use disposables! LOL!
    Seriously tho, I applaud cloth diaperers. I don't have the patience or desire to handle diapers longer than I absolutely have to.

    1. Haha...never thought of that concept Dani! But yeah, in the beginning, changing him took 5x longer since we were still learning how to use the snaps or get the liners in...etc. But now, I can change him so fast in the middle of the night, with minimal light and not wake him. But yes, it's definitely different! :)

  4. I just remember my mom dunking stinky diapers in the toilet and putting them into zip lock bags and the giant safety pins that kept them on. My things really have changed!

  5. Okay, I only used cloth diapers with my oldest daughter. However, it was at a time that we used diaper pins and plastic diaper covers. I never had blowouts,etc. And I only used pampers to and from the baby-sitter. Even the baby-sitter used cloth diapers on her. Because of this, she was potty-trained by a year old. Now, my younger daughter is 15 years younger. I wanted to use cloth diapers on her too. But between the two, cloth diapers had changed. They were thinner and totally useless. So, I used only disposable on younger daughter. She developed diaper rashes, and wasn't potty-trained until she was 2. I'm all for cloth diapers.

  6. I've purchased a few cloth diapers too that we will try once little man gets a little bigger in size.:::I'm
    Excited to try. Thanks for the review!

    1. I hope you get a chance to blog your experience! Would love to read up on it! :)

  7. I have no opinion... I just like looking at pics of Avery! He's so freaking adorable!

  8. This is great information (thank you). Actually, 7 months into my pregnancy I asked my friends on Facebook their thoughts. 95% said don't bother... too much hassel. My reasons are the diaper rash issue, potty training and dollars saved.

    Your review has me very excited that I've sticked with my decision.

    1. Dee, glad I could help! Congrats on your new little one!


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