Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project Parade!

This is better than an actual parade where people on floats chuck little pellets of hard candy at unsuspecting bystanders. (...I had a bad experience...I mean, who throws ring pops during an evening parade?!  It's dark...and that candy is very hard!!)
Anywho... here's a lineup of some of the DIY projects from the past 6 months!  Whoop whoop!

::Retaining Wall for Garden:
This project was pretty intense for me.  When it comes to being level...I wanted to throw in a brick and call it a day.  Matt really did a lot of the grunt work...but now I want to do one in the front summer though. 

::T-Shirt Bibs::
Great way to reuse an old t-shirt... 

::Patio Umbrella Stand Planter::
Last project I did while preggo!  LOVE how easy this was... and how great it looks on the patio!

::Avery's Nursery::
LABOR OF LOVE... Matt and I dueled up for this amazing feat.  It turned out better than either of us imagined.

::Guest Bathroom::
This is what happens when the "nesting" phase overlaps into other rooms of the house...

::Magnetic Organizational Board::
Another super easy project that utilizes the back of our basement door. Love.
What were some of your  favorite projects?   I'm hoping the next 6 months are just as productive!! :)


  1. I love all the stuff you do. You're so talented!

    Most of my DIY projects were for our wedding. Sadly, I haven't really done much since then. I do need to crochet a few things for baby but for some reason, I have been very lazy.

    1. I wish I had the patience to learn crochet! My mom has tried to teach me time and time again...but ugh... it won't stick. :) Can't wait to see what you do for your lil one!

  2. You are such a crafty nit too much. Like my friend above all my DIY were done for my wedding!

  3. I am still loving Avery's nursery! You guys did such a great job on it. :)

    1. Thanks Morgan! We really enjoyed working on it together! We're already looking forward to designing his toddler theme once he decides what his "favorite thing" is!

  4. I LOVE Avery's nursery! The alcove by the window and the built in bookshelves are my favorite parts. I can just see him 5 years from now lounging on the cushioned bench reading a book. So sweet!

    1. I totally agree Amy! Our goal was to have the room "grow" with him.


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