Monday, October 8, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday!

Is it just me...or are the weeks just flying by?!  I feel like Halloween is upon us and Christmas is just a few weeks away!  And all the while, I'm just trying to keep up.  Well this past weekend we didn't have any plans except for a friend's wedding.  So, we used the rest of the time just spending quality attention on A.  I can't believe it when I say he turned 5 months old on Saturday.  :o  I've been trying to take in every little thing he does, but I can't help but notice all the little things he's not doing anymore.
- He no longer has his erratic baby breathing...which means I no longer feel the need to have a monitor on every night...or be worried when he starts to cough.
- He no longer wakes up every 2 hours...sometimes just to play or see me.  It's now only once for a quick snack and he's back asleep!
- He no longer cries about where he is... instead he'll roll over and get himself there.
- He no longer needs us around when he plays... his independence is growing.

At the same time he's picking up new milestones.
- rolling from belly to back and back to belly.
- beginning to hold his own bottle
- talking...and what I just found out last night as singing. :)
- grabbing successfully with intent.
- eating solids like a champ. :)
-  figuring out how things work... mainly our iPhones. :)

I'm truly enjoying every second of motherhood.  A makes it so easy to do so...
Feeling so blessed...


  1. Aww.... Such a cutie! That last picture is so sweet. :) Glad you got to enjoy some quality time with your sweet boy this weekend. :)

  2. He is just so cute! Seems like a pretty happy and content kid.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!


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