Monday, October 15, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

So recently Matt and I have been having some discussions on our vision for A's life.  Like will we encourage him to go to college?  To play sports? To learn another language?  Maybe play an instrument? There are so many avenues he can take...
I think my main concern is that when does it go from encouragement to down-right... "do what mom and dad never did with their lives" type situation.  Then in our Sunday school young married's class we ended up discussing raising a child in a Godly home... so a lot of our concerns were being addressed.  It was comforting to know that we don't have to make such decisions on hobby and interests...but more on character, manners and integrity.  This led me to write my son a letter...

My dear sweet little boy, 
It feels like it was just yesterday when I felt your first kick from the inside.  It was so you.  As you grew stronger I would joke that you were going to be a soccer player or Tae kwon do master. :)  Then came your surprised us all with your sheer size and weight.  Never did I think I would be the mother of a baby over 9lbs...but there you chunky monkey.  My heart overflowed with love as I listened to your cry of triumph.  Then the fear set in.  I was now a parent...a mom...a chosen protector of a little human.  I would need to be strong when you were weak and lead you in ways beyond my realm of understanding.  The task seemed daunting.
We brought you home for the first time and already you were studying your surroundings.  You recognized your father and I as people you could trust...and trust you did.  You came to depend on us for food, clothing, shelter and companionship.  And when you gave us your first purposeful smile, we finally released our breaths in relief.  It was that smile that gave us reassurance that we weren't completely screwing things up. :) 
Now you're almost half a year old.  In our eyes you've accomplished so much in your life already.  Your independence grows a little more each day.  The time you spend snuggled in my arms decreases each day as your attention is caught by new sounds, colors, voices and even textures.  I relish the time I have with you.  
One day soon you're going to crawl.  Then you'll walk....and run.  Before I know it you'll be a grown man.  You'll tell me you've met a young woman who's taken your heart and just like'll be starting your own family.  I cry already thinking about your wedding.  But mostly I pray each day that as your mom I can instill in you three important attributes.  The first is love.  Love for God and for your family.  The second is respect.  Respect yourself and those around will in turn build in you a confidence like none other.  Lastly, keep your manners.  You'll be surprised how little manners others have...but remember what we've taught you.  Remember where you've come from.  You were a part of me at one time and you have a family legacy to uphold.

You're sleeping now.  You always looks so peaceful when you sleep.  It's a skill you got from your father. :)
Be safe my son.  Live every day like it were your last.  And know that your father and I love you so very much. 



  1. That is such a heartfelt letter. Love it!

  2. This is the most beautiful letter.

  3. This is such a sweet letter to little A. These are the words he will cherish one day when he is teen :)


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