Thursday, October 18, 2012

Terracotta Pot Candy Jar

This is a super cheap, easy and fun DIY!  I first saw one on Pinterest and I ran out to gather the supplies.  I made mine a little different because I wanted a unique look.  I may tweak it a little later. 
halloween candy jar with candy corn

6" clay pot
clay saucer
glass bubble bowl
acrylic paint
Wooden Ball – 1 1/4″ or knob
Adhesive or epoxy (I used Gorilla Glue)

Step 1: Paint the ball, pot and saucers and pot.  I used Black Krylon spray paint. 
Step 2: Glue the glass bowl to the bottom of the pot and the wood ball to the saucer  (Let the glue sit overnight)
gumball machine 052.jpg
Step 3: Assemble. 
Here is a cute one I found online... {Source}  She actually used an additional saucer on the bottom for a finished look. 
Here's mine... I went and used a candy bowl instead of a round bowl...and I opted to use the screw lid that it came with.  One great reason is so that I can hear it when Matt tries to sneak into it.. which he does... hourly.  :)  There's still somethings I want to add on to it for Halloween... but you can see the progress. ;)  Great project to do with the kids (let them do the painting) and they make great gifts too! 


  1. You are just too good! Love! I want a snicker!

  2. I am with you on that one I want a snicker. Great job Kathy!!


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