Thursday, November 1, 2012

30-Day Challenge: Week 1 - Recipes

...Organizing Recipes!

I don't know about all of you, but when it comes to collecting recipes I tend to fall into the hoarder category. Seriously, I find recipes and print them off...then they make there way all over my house...except the kitchen!  But let's be honest... it could be worse... haha.
{This is not my kitchen haha...Source}  

So there are a million ways to organize your loose leaf recipes.  This tutorial doesn't include recipe books since I only have two in my personal stash!  But if I had more, I would simply designate a shelf in my kitchen to storing them in a clearly labeled fashion.  The more organized your books look... the more likely you are to pull one and try something new! {Source}

So, all your other recipes are computer print outs, index cards, magazine clippings you stole from the doctor's office (don't deny it!!) and little notes on napkins. Let's first discuss the matter of storage. 

Choose your storage type and supplies
1) Recipe Box: Index cards (optional: a laminating machine to protect each card)
2) Recipe Binder(s): Sheet Protectors and black sheets of paper to tape on smaller cards/pages.
3) Computer Database: Excel-like program

It really doesn't matter what you choose as a storage type.  I'm personally going with the binder method.  I love have the physical recipe in front of me... readily available...and it captures every size of recipe.
{Picked these out on clearance at Target}
Make your categories
I decided to use divider tabs and make the following categories of recipe types:
1) Breakfast
2) Appetizers
3) Main Dishes
4) Sides
5) Desserts
6) Diabetic
7) Drinks
8) Sauces & Spices
9) Soups & Salads
After going through all the recipes I have... I arranged them in piles so that I could visualize how many of each category I was dealing with.  I also was able to weed out any duplicates and ones that I definitely wasn't serious about anymore.  I wanted to combine them in such a way that the binders contained 3 groups each...but in equal proportion.

My binder groupings came out to be:
Binder #1: Breakfast, Desserts and Diabetic
Binder #2: Appetizers, Soups & Salads and Drinks
Binder #3: Main, Sides and Sauces & Spices

Now the easy part.  Each sheet got it's own sheet protector.  For the recipes that were on smaller cards or magazine clippings, they were glued to a sheet of computer paper.  If you have more time and want that uniform look...type out and print nicer copies of these types of recipes.  With the sheet protectors, they'll stay crisp and clean looking!

Label & Store
I used some labels on hand to identify each binder.  Next, I found a storage area on my kitchen counter to store them.  I'd like to find room in the pantry in the future... but for now, this will do!

So there you have it... recipes are in check!  Tell me how things are going for you!  Keep in mind through this 30-day challenge, I'm leaving the weekends free so that you can catch up and get your pictures together to submit the next week!  I'll have better photos too as I'm still getting the finishing touches done on mine!!

Get ready for Setting Up a Weekly Meal Plan tomorrow!!! 

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  1. Where did you get your cute binders? Love the design!

    1. From Target... they have a ton of cute ones! I'm headed there again after work to stock up on some more!

  2. goodness gracious! you embarrass me. that is all.


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