Tuesday, November 20, 2012

30-Day Challenge: Week 3 - Good Night Routine

Is it just  me, or is this Thanksgiving week flying by?!  I've been working at tweaking my morning routine, but with the short work week and lil A fighting a cold... it's been a little chaotic over here. :)

Well, without further ado... let's talk about establishing a Good Night Routine.
Now, I'm definitely more of a night owl... I can stay up later better than I can wake up early.  But it's definitely better if I get to bed at a decent hour so that I wake up refreshed and ready to start my day.  Here are some tips that usually help me get settled in and off to peaceful dreamland!


  1. Clean/Organize trigger areas: I can't go to asleep with dishes in the sink... it drives me crazy.  The thought of waking up to find a dirty kitchen is a trigger to a bad morning for me... So I make sure I get that done.  Everyone has a trigger that sets off a bad day... try to find that and make sure to get that taken care of before you go to bed.
  2. Prep for the morning: If I have time, I like to get things setup ahead of time for the next  morning.  Matt is really good at getting lil A's food packed up and diaper bag ready.  Most days he even makes our lunches ahead of time.  (He makes a killer salad...seriously!) I try to get outfits laid out the night before or prep a meal for dinner. 
  3. Wind down: I like to shower, then have a light snack with tea, then brush my teeth and go to bed.  Sometimes I watch my favorite show or read a book... but all in all, the point is to wind down and relax the end of the day away.  
  4. Plan to go to bed at a decent hour: As much as I would like to stay up late watching movies like I did in college with my roommates... I have to get up early like a grown-up and go to work.  We usually plan to be in bed at 10pm.  I'd say we accomplish that 90% of the time. :) 
  5. Stick to it: Try to keep to your routine.  Children thrive with an organized schedule...you'll be surprised how well they take to one...and how much easier it is to get them to bed. 

So here's our schedule...
Simple. Effective. Love it!


  1. I sleep really late. At 12:15am. I know I'm crazy but I feel the best when I wake up in the morning. Any earlier and I feel horrible in the morning.

    I also get my outfits and lunch together the night before.

    I like that you have a set time to clean the kitchen daily. I need to do this.

    Hope A feels better soon.

  2. Thanks this is great. I do believe that an organized evening routine leads to a productive morning. I am going tostart this tomorrow.


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