Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30-Day Challenge: Week 4 - Exercise Routine

I don't know about any of you, but getting the motivation to start working out is so hard!  I look at all these people who make up their own routines in the gym... or run early in the morning...and I just feel like a lazy bum.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  There are ways to find time to workout and reap the benefits of staying in shape!

    Exercising just 30 min. each day can increase your energy level and help you lose weight.  The key is finding the activity that fits your lifestyle.  Start small and slow and set a goal that's attainable.  Maybe there's a pair of jeans you want to squeeze back into again.  Or you'd like to run in your town's next marathon.  Whatever the case may be... these steps can help you get there.
    1. Find the Time: Haha...easier said than done right?!  In our busy schedules, sometimes we have to get creative with finding the time to exercise.  For instance, I'm booked solid all day, so I found a boot-camp class through my work that goes on during my lunch hour.  It's grueling  but 3-days a week I'm sweating my butt off.   Try to find classes at a local rec that are scheduled conveniently for you... or maybe even plan to be an early riser or night owl exerciser.  ( A lot of gyms are now staying open 24 hours!)
    2. Find your Style:  Are you a runner?  Enter yourself in a marathon in the near future and set a goal to train towards it.  Maybe you prefer physical contact like boxing... join a kick boxing class.  There are so many opportunities available to get active. 
    3. Get the Right Gear: I love buying shoes.  Seriously.  You better believe a new pair of cute tennis shoes is going to motivate me to get to the gym.  It just works for me.  Maybe you need dumbbells or resistance bands.  Whatever you need to get  motivated to workout! 
    4. Find an Accountability Partner: {Enter my husband} Since lil A was born, Matt has been asking me when I'll go to the gym with him.  ha...just had a baby dude!  Anywho, once I started up with the boot-camp classes he was my mini cheerleader and always asked if I attended and wanted details on my workouts.  It keeps me on point. :)  Find someone who will push you to get your workout done.  Maybe they'll do them with you too. 
    5. Don't Skip!: Believe me... nothing is harder than skipping a workout and trying to get motivated to go back to it.  Try your hardest to keep at it.  Soon it'll be second nature and you won't want to miss. :) 
    6. Plan Ahead: Yesterday one of my readers commented on how she travels with a jump rope so that she can still get a workout it.  That's so genius!  Make use of time away to fit in some cardio.  If you're at a hotel, see if they have a gym on site... or take a long walk/jog around the property. 
    7. Have Fun!: If you're seriously miserable at the workout you have scheduled for yourself, you won't stick to it.  Find what you really enjoy!  Make it something you look forward to in your day. :)

    Do you have an exercise routine already?  Please share!


    1. Love this post.

      If there is one thing I enjoy it is working out. I've been keeping up with it for so long so now it feels like second nature and when I don't work out, I don't feel good.

      It also helps that Sean and I work out together. We might not to do the same thing but just because I know that he is going to be there it gives me the push I need.

      1. Faith, that's awesome that the two of you work out together!! Keep it up!

      2. Yea, like last night I did not want to work out. At all. He took the cat's spray bottle and started spraying me with it until I got off of the couch and put on work out clothes, haha.

        It helped and I'm so glad he did it because no one ever regrets exercising :)

      3. haha... wow... that's intense! I can entice Matt with oreos to NOT work out. lol

    2. I love this post too! Great ideas here, I especially love the jump rope one!

      My husband and I are both runners and it took a little work for us to figure out a schedule that worked for us. What we did: He runs Monday and Wednesday nights. I run Tuesday and Thursday nights - all after our baby goes to bed around 6pm. Saturdays I run at 7am, he runs when I get home. We both get our exercise in and we don't sacrifice time with our baby. Plus it keeps us honest - I know if I don't feel like going on my running day, I'll be bummed when he comes home the next night and tells me about his awesome run.

      1. Veronika, I love that schedule! My husband and I have different types or workouts (I do a bootcamp and run...he strictly weight lifts)... this might work for us too! Thanks so much for sharing!

    3. Your on a roll Kathy...I likey! I really try very hard to get my work outs Monday to Friday...the weekend is my break :-) Unlike Faith who loves her workouts, I don't and do it because I know it's important for my health. Good job Faith I love your zeal!! Like you Kathy, my hubby is my biggest cheerleader and always wants to know if I got in my daily 45 mins (grhhh). Sometimes I honestly don't want to be asked that question.

      1. Abs, It's ok... a lot of people don't enjoy working out... but it's great to hear that you know it's important for your health. Have you tried joining a class? I found that to be more enjoyable than forcing myself onto a treadmill. :)


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