Monday, December 3, 2012

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

And we're back to regularly scheduled programming!
As amazing as the 30-day challenge was, I missed my normal blogging schedule!  I hope you all had amazing Thanksgivings!
Ours was... uneventful!  We had Thanksgiving at my parents house and kept it small because lil A wasn't feeling all that well.  (Oh, I should mention he had his first week in daycare! no surprise he got his first cold)  Well as the night went on he began to get a fever so we started to closely monitor him.  That next morning he was coughing pretty bad and the wheezing that the doctors had noticed earlier that week wasn't going away.  So off to the ER we went.  1 X-ray, 4 cotton swab probes and 3 hours later... Lil A was diagnosed with a "bad cold" and sent home with Infant's advil and instructions to rest and continue his albuterol breathing treatments.  Poor guy had a 102 fever the whole he spent a lot of time in the tub cooling down.  He never really fussed... just wasn't himself though.
Happy to say he's doing much better these days.  Still coughs a little and the runny nose is drying up, but boy... that cold was intense!!  I don't think there's anything worse than having a sick baby...and not really knowing how to provide the right comfort.  All we could do was hold him and rock him to sleep. :(

I missed my smiling lil man!

Now we patiently wait for Christmas...and for lil A to start crawling!!


  1. aww, i'm sad to hear he was sick. daycare is the germs, ugh!

    he is so adorable Kathy.

    i'm glad to have your blog to regular programming too. because i kinda missed stalking your life.

  2. I'm with faith...I missed your regular blogging. Glad lil A is doing better.

  3. Oh no, poor A being sick. Sick babies are the worst. So glad he is doing better.

    I am loving that family picture, A has the best smile.

  4. I agree, I missed your regular blogging too! Glad to hear A is doing better. Sick babies..ugh! You feel like you can never do enough and you just want to make it all better RIGHTNOW... ::sigh:: Your Family pic is SO precious. I love how A is gripping your husband's fingers.
    EEEP! We're waiting for Sharkie to start crawling too. He looks so on the verge! I"m excited and scared of what's to come.

  5. Infant colds are awful. Sometimes they are so uncomfortable that it's hard to comfort or soothe them. I am glad he is feeling better. Happy healthy babies make happy mommies :)

  6. I love the family pic... glad lil A is feeling much better

  7. Day care never fails to get baby's sick. Glad he's feeling better. Your son is gorgeous!


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