Monday, February 11, 2013

9 Months!

So my pumpkin turned 9 months last week and I'm just now getting around to posting his update!! eek!  I think I'm in denial!

{Weight}18.5 lbs...crawling has really slimmed him down!
{Height}28 inches
{Clothing Size}9-12 months

  • He started pulling himself up and lowering himself down without completely faceplanting.  We couldn't be prouder.
  • He's blowing raspberries whenever he gets a chance... usually with cheeks full of food.  He cracks himself up. 
  • He's into everything.  Drawers are his favorite.  He'll pull everything out and actually tries to put it all back too.  But usually he gets distracted and crawls away. 
  • He's getting a bit of an attitude when he doesn't want to do something.  Some leg stomping and a firm grunt. Nothing "tantrum" worthy, but it's funny to see him develop a disposition towards something. 
  • He's paying attention to how we do things and tries to mimic. 
  • "Da-da" is a common phrase... "say ma-ma" gets a laugh followed by "da-da"

{Monthly Highlight}
Lil A is getting more independent.  He'll keep himself occupied for a lot longer each day.  He's able to remember where things are, like a toy if he left it there the day before.  He's really into a routine and even if we have trouble sticking to it, he transitions himself.  (ex: taking a nap on the tile floor)

We introduced some new flavorings to his homemade baby food: Kiwi!!  He's loving it by itself and with combos like apple or banana.  We also introduced Beef with carrots and sweet potato.  He gobbled it right up!  Oh, and those "hard-as-rock" baguettes that Panera tosses in with their soups makes a great chew toy.  Keeps him occupied for hours.  I'm still BF-ing every morning and night, and during the day he takes formula.  As soon as he sees a bottle he's licking his lips... it's hilarious.

He's been sleeping 9 straight hours at night. (9pm - 6am)  On the weekends he'll go 11 hours. I know...I'm so blessed. lol.  He's still taking about 3 naps a day one of which is usually a long one (1-2 hours). 


  • rip and shred...then eat.
  • Sock drawers...or drawers in general
  • Dimmer light switches...He has to dim the room himself before leaving. 
  • Finding escape routes through the baby gate
  • Bouncing / Dancing


  • Getting his diaper changed when hungry
  • Going for a car ride when hungry
  • Being hungry
  • Watching us eat


  1. omg, seriously Kathy he sounds like such a character! cutest little man!

    and seriously about the sleep ... you might get more sleep than i do and i don't even have kiddos, lol.

    1. He's definitely a character...he actually has both our personalities. So sometimes we just sit there and watch him do things in utter awe...

  2. This post is too much because 1) there are way tooooo many cute pictures of little man and 2) your commentary is hilarious!

    "He started pulling himself up and lowering himself down without completely faceplanting. We couldn't be prouder." - HAHAHAH.

    Also, my son is showing a bit of 'tude at 4months already... He stomps when he doesnt get his way also. I wonder how much of this is just the nature of the being vs nurture (cause he has never seen us do that).

    I'm so jealous of his sleeping. But sigh.... I'm going to release the jealousy with a big woooo-sah.

    1. I'm convinced the `tude comes from the male side... yup. :)
      And as for the sleeping, he only sleeps like that in his own crib. If he's anywhere else...forget it. He'll be up every 4-6 hours.

  3. What a little stud muffin! I swear! ;)
    He's a doll and I love that you do these posts!

    I laughed with "Say mama", followed by a laugh and then says "dada". Stubborn little man! HA HA!

  4. Happy 9-month Avery.
    Loving all the fun pics of A's photoshoot. I am so jealous about the good sleep you really lucked out. Enjoy it

    I love that all his dislikes have to do with being hungry :).

  5. Happy 9-months Avery. You're such a cutie!

  6. I'm so jealous of the fact that he sleeps 9 hours a night! Wow! Mwagala wakes up at 1 am and wants to play! In the dark! *smh* Can we switch? ;)


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