Thursday, February 7, 2013

Baby Stationary

It's still cold out and I'm itching to get started on warm weather projects!!  At least I buckled down and got some printables done.  This week was lil A's custom stationary.  I made a couple designs but these were some of my favorite.  It's fun to send cute notes to the Grandparents or pay the daycare provider with these.

Just print them on cardstock and fold!  Or you can purchase plain pre-folded cards wherever they sell stationary and print directly onto those.
And since many of you were requesting a photo of the boy in question... :)

Want a chance to win some custom stationary for you or your lil one?!  
....Don't forget about the AWESOME Giveaway going on through February 11th!  Just a lil way of saying thanks for following and reading!!


  1. I don't even have custom stationary! Lucky kid.

  2. Such a good idea! & omgosh, Avery is the world's cutest boy [well tied with my son of course ;) ]

    1. haha... I can agree with you on that! Ian is so precious!!!

  3. You are one crafty lady I tell you and A is such a handsome boy, I love seeing pics of him.

  4. So sad I missed the give away! I was tied up with traveling and Abbys birthday party. Just now catching up on all my fav. blogs!


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