Thursday, February 28, 2013

Basement Dreams

So the huge project Matt has decided to begin tackling...very slowly is our basement.  Right now it's completely bare and unfinished.  It's a full basement though (Spans the whole area of the house)  The walls are lined with insulation and that's it.  We need a ceiling, but not too excessive because it's low...and we need to decide on flooring.  Luckily we waited a couple years to get a feel for how the room handles moisture and we're happy to report that it's drier than a bone! :)  Nothing worse that finding a leak or damp basement in the middle of the winter.

Anywho... here are some inspiration pics that we are drooling over.  Each one has features we really want to incorporate. The sections we're thinking about having are:

- Wet bar area and additional booth or table seating.
- Movie viewing area
- Workout room
- Craft room
- Possible full bathroom (depending on whether we can get plumbing worked out)
- Storage

We both really like the stone work on the walls and counter tops. 

Again with the rock...

I just love the accent wall! ...and that coffee table!

Everything... lol.  We really like this layout, colors and design. 

The fireplace... we've always loved the 3 face fireplace Matt is working hard to incorporate one downstairs.

Love the rustic look in the bar area...and that sliding barn door in  the back. 

This is stained concrete.  It's a cost effective and beautiful option for flooring.  We worry about it getting too cold, but that's what rugs and strategically placed vents are for!! :)

Lights on the stairs... love.

On one side of the space is where we want to set up my craft area!!  Here are the designs I'm loving! 
Loving the cabinets with "Create"
The countertop detail is amazing!  Plus the overall color scheme!
I definitely want an island on caster wheels so that I can move it out of the way if necessary. 

So here are our dreams!!  We're first starting by purchasing a LOT of drywall so that Matt can start laying on the walls and ceiling.  We're deciding between laminate wood floors or the stain concrete still. 
What do you all think?  And words of advice?... I personally have never lived in a house with a basement so I'm excited for that extra bit of space. 


  1. How inspiring!!!

    Those craft rooms are killer!

    I don't have that kind of space but it's making me think of ways to adapt!

    We're working on that room now, even though our household is temp as of right now.

    So beautiful!

    And that 3 faced fireplace? LOVE that idea! As well as the lighted stairs!

  2. You make me want to own a home... I cant wait to see how your basement turns out!

  3. I've seen the professionally stained concrete floors and they look marvelous. The laminate may scratch too easily. I would make sure that you have a rug area for the babe.

  4. Whatever you guys decide, I know it will be gorgeous! You have a great eye and talent for these type of things. Excited to follow the progress!! Loving your basement inspiration pics! They all look so home-y! :)

  5. I like them all! Can't wait to see what you guys end up doing...
    BTW- I NEED the light fixture in the first craft room photo!!!

  6. LOVE your inspiration photos! I think you guys are going to do a fabulous job :) We're moving into our new home in April and I want to update our basement too, unfortunately my husband "loves" the 70's's content with what's currently there...YIKES!


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