Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Couponing Madness! (...and ibotta app)

So one of my non-broadcasted New Year's resolutions was to get back into couponing!  Since lil A was born I was slacking.  In my defense I didn't have the time nor the brain power to even organize myself for it. Well, that's all changed.  For the last couple months I sat down and got my coupons printed, filed and clipped.  I went through all our local ads and used my trusty coupon hunting websites. {Tutorial}

Since the Superbowl was on Sunday night, I decided to leave Matt at home with that...and I bundled up lil A...and a bag of distracting items (food, toys, etc) and headed to both Walmart and our local grocery store.  We made a killing.

Everything I purchased except for two items had a coupon attached.  I even used extra coupons that were on some of the products! :)  We stocked up on a lot of items such as shampoo & conditioner (3 month supply), Kleenex (9 boxes...some are being donated to lil A's daycare), Campbell's soup (14 cans), kitchen sponges (12), hot chocolate (3 boxes)
Coupon shopping 2/3/13 {Not all pictured}
Items include: Soups, sponges, bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, granola bars, shampoo & conditioners, cheez-its, hot chocolate, juices, bengay, cheese sticks, bread, advil, flour tortillas, baby wipes, ice cream, brownie mix, butter, yogurt, canned chicken, ziploc, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Robitussin, Kleenex, cinnamon rolls and foil.

Total Cost of Groceries: $220.02
Total Savings in Coupons: $53.54
Total Spent: $166.48

I don't plan on heading to the store for at least another 3 weeks except for the staples: Milk and fresh produce.

I also signed up for the ibotta app... they give you money for purchasing everyday items!  Since two of the products I purchased qualified, (Advil & Smart Balance butter).  I'll be getting $1.25 sent to my paypal account!  It's super easy to use and it doesn't hurt to get some more money back for buying what I normally do!

How Ibotta Works


Choose Products

Before shopping, choose your products and complete the tasks. The more you complete, the more cash you'll earn.

Go Shopping

Buy your chosen products at over 35 retailers nationwide. We're adding new stores all the time.

Snap a Photo

Verify your purchases by uploading a photo and scanning the product's barcode.

Get Cash

Yes, real money in your Ibotta account that you can send to a PayPal account or donate to any school in America.

....Don't forget about the AWESOME Giveaway going on through February 11th!  Just a lil way of saying thanks for reading!!


  1. that is the best app ever! i have to sign up asap!

    look at you ... before we know it you'll be on that show, haha.

    i was doing really good with couponing last year and then i got lazy. i have to get back on it.

  2. That looks cool. I better sign up for that app.

  3. Ugh I need to learn how to coupon. We spend SO MUCH on groceries. It doesnt help that my SO is a vegan and i'm a newfound meat eater. Most of expenses are on fruits and veggies so it doesnt suck that bad but if we could save on frozen goods and pantry items I'm sure our bill would be reduced drastically.

    Please keep these kind of post coming! I'm going to download the app NOW!

    1. I feel ya on the produce expense! It's insane! I'll be sure to make more posts available to help!

  4. You did good! I'd love to be an awesome couponer but it just never works out for me. THat ibotta app sounds really cool.

    1. I started out the same way... it definitely takes some pre-planning. Check out my tutorial I linked in the beginning. You have to build a small stash and use sites like couponmom.com to help ya.

  5. Kathy - you are my hero. I need to get into this more


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