Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Monthly Line-up

Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  Life just got busy again!! Spring is in the air and somehow  that means I'm filling my calendar like a crazy person. lol.

So here's the projects we're looking to complete within a month!!

1) DIY growth chart:  The decal from Little Acorns by Ro arrived last night!!!  Matt is going to setup the board for me in the garage so I can start staining the board!!  The whole project should take about a week with dry time...etc.  SO EXCITED!  We decided we're going to hang it in the hall just outside of the kitchen.  Don't worry... I'll take pics. lol  If any of you want to do this project too be sure to check out Little Acorns by Ro's Etsy Store.  They were super quick with shipping and very friendly!!
Growth Chart Ruler - DIY Vinyl Decal - Alternating style
2) Wall Niches - Decided to go with two parallel horizontal niches. Matt really wants to do this whole project in a day... maybe two.  With lil A getting into everything, we don't want an open worksite near his curious nature. :)  Goal is to tackle this one weekend in March.  Which means the hall is getting a paint job as well!

3) Lastly... I have a project lined up for lil A.  He needs some baby accessories that I was going to buy but realized I can DIY myself.  This includes: Sippy cup koozies and straps!

So stay tuned my friends!!


  1. Oh I cannot wait to see these projects!

    That sippy cup koozie is a GREAT idea! I'll have to bookmark that for a later date ;)

  2. Looking forward to the projects. Especially excited for the wall niches.

  3. Great ideas! I'm so envious that your Matt is such a great DIY-er.


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