Friday, February 22, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 

This has been the busiest week yet this year!!  Both at work and at home!   Time is flying way too fast!   Please help me to appreciate each day before it ends. :)

Thank you for wellness check-ups!  Lil A had his 9-month check up and all is measuring great!  Doctor even said he has a big head...aka... big brain!   He was more content destroying the paper table and pulling on all the cords while chatting "dadda" the whole time.  Good news though!!  The first tooth has officially arrived! :)  Teething was bad for only 1 we're happy!!  Now we know what toys and frozen items he prefers to get through the pain.  So excited for him though!! 

Thank you for helping me get over the nasty cough I had going on.  2 weeks was rough!  But it's over and we're finally heading into a weekend whereby none of us has a cold!!  Amen!!!

Thank you for the snow...on the grass.  Not so much on the streets.  But least you've kept us safe.  Speaking of weather experts are saying a storm is headed our way... would appreciate some travel mercies as we head down to visit Matt's family. 

Thank you for bootcamp...still.  I'm trying really hard to find a new goal to set for myself.  I'm thinking it should be a weight one, but I do better with trying to squeeze into a smaller size. :)  Maybe I should go shopping.  I do need new tennis shoes... hmm.
Thank you for my hard working hubby!  He's been super excited lately about getting started on the basement.  We were down there for hours last night drawing out the layout and getting ideas online!  It's going to be another labor of love...but we're finally ready to get started! 

Thank you for getting us to the weekend!  Looking forward to making lots of family memories!

Please keep my fellow readers safe and sound this weekend!

Your daughter


  1. i'm loving your new header!

    glad that your home is cold-free!

    teething is the worst ... when it was happening to my nephew it was the saddest thing!

    can't wait to see the end results of the basement!

    have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks Lady!! Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  2. Oh little A is growing so fast!!!!!!

    I'm so excited to see your basement plans!!!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. He is!! Wish he would slow down a bit for me! I'll be posting some basement ideas we're drooling over here soon!! Have a great weekend Adrienne!

  3. Have an awesome weekend and thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. TGIF! Yay for a healthy family, cold/cough free!

    A looks sooo cute. Roey rips up papers like it's his job too.

    I love that you and Matt do quality stuff like redo your basement together. You know what John and I do together? lay on the couch like slugs and eat. ::sigh:: #gottadobetter

  5. He is adorable should join projectmilf...I am all about squeezing into old clothes too but definitely not a good look all the time!!


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