Friday, February 15, 2013

Thank God It's Friday...(#YesImWearingThis and Giveaway Winner!!)

Dear God, 

It totally does not feel like a Friday this morning.  You woke me up super early to get to work early so that I can leave early to go out to dinner early with the hubs... as a late Valentine's Day thing. :)   
I'm super excited about this!

Thank you for giving me the strength to accomplish all the goals I set for myself this week.  My new motivational push is to use the talents you gave me to glorify You... it's hard sometimes because I think I take it for granted. 

Thank you for Robitussin.  Tastes like death, but I think it helped. 

Thank you for my birthday!!  I can't believe I'm 29!  Made it official by spending an hour at the BMV getting my tags and license renewed.  My picture looks just as bad as before since I panicked about smiling or not.  I guess I got confused with the passport "no smile" rule.  Anywho...that'll stay hidden for awhile. 

Thank you for helping me slim down enough to fit into my favorite dress again!  Wish I could wear it again to dinner tonight lol... Matt would think I was nuts for sure!
  Thank you for the awesome giveaway for my fellow readers!  We got our winners!  Mine specifically is Lakeisha!  She wins 3 custom printables... which I will be working on this weekend!  So happy to have such an amazing group of bloggers and followers!
Thank you for my amazing husband.  He's seriously my best friend and partner in crime.  He makes me laugh till my belly hurts and smile when I see him interact with our son.  I feel so unbelievably blessed... please don't ever let me forget all that I have in my life. 

Oh...and thank you for diet oreos!  Oh my word... totally didn't know they existed!  Now I can consume guilt free!  Life. Is. So. Good. 

Thank you for life itself.  Please provide us with a weekend full of fun memories. 

Your daughter


  1. Look at you in your wedding dress! So pretty! Luckily, I've lost weight since my wedding but I'd totally wear my dress again too! Have a great weekend, Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Good for you Danielle! It's an awesome feeling huh?! :) I miss my dress so much! I keep sneaking around Matt's napping on the weekends to try it on. lol Lil A kept my secret this time! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Oh Kathy....

    This post almost brought me to tears!

    I have a huge grin on my face right now :D

    And mini oreos? Shut the front door!

    I am not an oreo girl, but I can't seem to keep my paws off them all week! Ok, more like the past two weeks.

    And hooray on your weight loss! The dress still looks absolutely stunning on you! You gorgeous thing, you!


    Have a fantastic weekend!!!!!

    1. Thank you Adienne!!
      Yeah, I don't know if Oreo put some secret crack-like substance in their recipe recently, but I can't get enough!! :)

  3. Yey on fitting into your favourite dress. You an A looks so cute!

    Enjoy your weekend

  4. Wow Kathy, you can fit in your wedding dress, wow. That's what I am talking about. Have a great Valentine's day celebration tonight.

  5. I think I need to get my hands on some mini oreos ASAP! I didn't know they made them! Yum! And you look gorgeous in your wedding dress!

  6. hey, at my house anything goes on Friday! just hopefully not my sanity! thanks for the visit- I see we have some things in common!! I am excited to check your blog out!!!


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