Thursday, March 28, 2013

April To-Do List!

Lil A's Birthday Party is May 4th... I have so much to do to get the house ready for all our guests...not to mention the rest of the party planning.  So many projects are 1/2 done too!!  Not a fan of lists that aren't being completed.  So as I do all the time, I'm making my list public to hold me accountable!!  Please pray the weather warms up for's the main thing holding us back. :)

House To-Do List
  • Finish Wall Niches
  • Paint downstairs and upstairs hallways
  • Sand, stain, clear and hang growth chart!
  • Clean carpets
  • Finish reupholstering chairs in Blue Room... (yeah, I'm being really optimistic there!)
  • Clean/Organize case of rain for party.
Party To-Do List
  • Cake Trial
  • Make banner
  • Get 1st Year and family pics taken
  • Finalize Menu
  • Make monthly photo collage
  • Update baby book
  • Games
  • Favors
  • Send out invites


  1. That's quite an ambitious list. I am looking forward to reading your progress. I am sure everything will turn out great.
    We plan on re-upholstering our dining chairs. Hoping I can get to that at some point in the next month.

  2. I'm sure you will pull it off! Quick question: when did you start planning? Ian is almost six months and I wonder ifI'm behind lol.

    1. I started when he was 7 months My husband found out and called me crazy!


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