Tuesday, April 23, 2013

11 Months!

I'm so late with this... like 2.5 weeks!   Lil A is going to be 1 May 6th!  I seriously can't believe it!  But let's back up and take a look at this past  month in development and milestones!
Mommy: Avery, put your tongue in
Avery: (Chuckle and shakes head... tongue back out)
Mommy: Avery, come on, this is an important picture
Avery: (sloshes tongue back and forth and claps)
Mommy: (sigh...click)

{Weight} 21.2 lbs...according to bathroom scale
{Height} not sure!...he has a 12 month appointment coming up
{Clothing Size} 12 months
  • He's a speed crawler!  This kid can haul butt when he knows the baby gate is down on the stairs!...and with that, he'll zip up to the top in no time! 
  • Changing his diaper is a full fledged marathon!  He rolls, squirms and twists!  And I just found out he doesn't do this for his caregivers!!!
  • He loves to share!  His binky (you have to actually put it in your mouth too), his toys, and chewed food. :)
  • He's still not responding to the "hand slapping" discipline for "don't touch".  His response is to look at us and start clapping.  
  • He's clapping. 
  • Still not saying mama... but I've heard na-na.
  • Two teeth are in...two more are on their way

{Monthly Highlight}
The clapping phase is awesome!  He claps when we sing...when he touches something he shouldn't, when he's upset and when he's done using the potty.  Oh yeah, we introduced the training potty to him and he took off with it!!  He uses it before getting in the tub and a couple times during the day at my mom's.  He sits there patiently and reads a book or babbles. :)  He prefers to stand now too...and cruise from one piece of furniture to another. 

We barely puree foods...except apples and pears.  He eats everything we eat. :)  He still LOVES fruits, but he's enjoying new veggies and patiently waiting for the new foods the summer is bringing!!  He usually feeds himself as long as it's finger-grasping food.

He's still doing 9 hours during the weekdays and an hour more on the weekends.  He naps into the 3-4 hour range without affecting his night-sleep.  When he wakes up he usually needs a couple min of cuddle time before he's ready to raid the house. :) 


  • Wallets.  It's the funniest thing because he'll go through them...pull out cards and bring them to me.  
  • Peek-a-boo.  It's the cutest!  He basically just smashes his hands on his eyes and giggles. 
  • Figuring out how things work. 
  • Climbing anything
  • Squeezing in and between areas he obviously does not fit into.
  • The washer and dryer (front loaders)
  • Dogs...cats are a bit odd to him.
  • The vacuum cleaner.  He deliberately crawls in front so he can touch the light.


  • Having to be laid down for a diaper or clothing change.  He's instantly rolled over and gone...like gone.
  • Being in his high chair when he's done eating
  • Me washing the dishes

Parenting just got real...


  1. Happy 11 months to adorable little A! MAN do I miss those 4 hours naps!!

    1. what?! The 4-hour naps go away?! no!! Say it ain't so...

  2. Oh my goodness he's walking!!! YAY LIL A YAAAAY!!!!
    He sounds like Roey with the squirming at changes, we got the potty for him too but I sit him down on and it he pops right up and tries to run away.
    You're SOOOO LUCKY he's such a good sleeper!

  3. I dunno why it says I'm unknown! It's me Dani! :)

    1. haha... rude! But I recognized ya as soon as you said Roey!! :) He's just around the corner for his 1st birthday party too!

  4. Seriously you got blessed with Avery! He sounds like such a delight. Cute little personality!

    Can't believe he'll be one in a few weeks!!

    1. I thank God for him every single day...he seriously makes me feel complete!! I can't believe it's almost a year either! yikes!

  5. Happy 11 months Avery, wow this year really flew by. He sounds like such a great baby

  6. HE'S WALKING!!!!!! EEEEEK!!!! So exciting! He sounds like such a joy! Haha @ sticking his tongue out for the picture.

    1. haha.. yeah, he's a lil punk like his daddy. :)

  7. Avery is so adorable!!! Happy 11.5 months (lol)!! I love his likes and dislikes! And I love that he claps -- that sounds like such a fun stage. My son loves to share too -- he insist on sharing his fingers and MUST put them in my mouth after he puts it in his. lol


      excuse my excitement but lord have mercy. Go baby A go!

    2. It really is a fun stage! (the clapping)...he does it for everything! And I appreciate the excitement! Only mama's understand the necessity for ALL CAPS!! hehe!


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