Friday, April 26, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 
Thank you so much for Friday...I didn't think I'd make it! lol.  Tonight, Matt and I are going on a double date with friend's of ours to The Chocolate Bar!  So excited for this!!  Lil A is having his first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's!   So I guess this is our second official date night! 

Thank you for lil A's walking milestone!  He's so precious toddling from one piece of furniture to the other.  I seriously can not wait for him to really get the hang of it.  He already seems like a whole new kid! 

Thank you for baby shoes!  ha.  Now that he's walking I can justify the shoe purchases! 
Boys Teeny ToesBoys' Infant Tyson Boat Shoe
These new additions arrive next week! Shh...haven't told Matt yet!
Thank you for the beautiful weather that the forecast is showing for the up-coming week!  I was getting nervous about rain on lil A's birthday party...but so far we're looking at a sunny day!  I think we can officially say Ohio made it to Spring realatively unscathed!

May 4


Thank you for a weekend FULL of projects and last min work to get the house in order!   The wall niches are complete!  Now we paint that wall and the rest of the hallway...hang the growth chart and blog about it to my very patient readers!  So excited!  Oh, and the remember the couch's that were be reuphostered?!  Those will be completed by next weekend as well! 

Thank you for family and friends!  It's never a bad time to express gratitude for those around us who shower us with love and friendship!  

With love, 
Your daughter


  1. You never have to justify purchasing baby shoes! They are the cutest things to buy!

    And yay for Spring finally decided to get her butt in gear. It feels so good to have warmer weather!

    Have a great date night :)

  2. Enjoy your date night! A chocolate bar sounds AWESOME!

  3. Lil A already has a nice collection of shoes! haha I hope you and the fam are having a great weekend! :)

  4. OMG, A is such a fashionista. he has more shoes than me and AOI :). Can't wait to see your project update.


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