Monday, April 29, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday: Wisely picking your spouse

Before I got married, I was raised to choose wisely when looking for my future husband.  In essence, this is the person I'm spending the rest of my life of course I figured I should find a respectable, preferably good looking, Christian man.  Well I found that...and more...and with some strings attached.  I mean, let's be honest (married ladies)...there's just some things about your hubby that you had NO IDEA about until that first night as official roommates for life!
So here's my list of things I wish I would have asked about my hubby prior to marrying him.  In no way would these have been make-it or break-it situations...but I strongly feel I needed to be more prepared...mentally.  :)

Future Hubby Questionnaire

1) What's your stance on insects?  Are you a killer, catch and release, or run screaming?
This was a huge transition for me.  The first time this scorpion/centipede looking insect walked across our living room floor, Matt jumped up and ran out of the room.  I screamed (while perched on top of the couch) for him to return and do his duty.  With that, he came back...grabbed one of the decorative throw pillows and proceeded to slam that bug to kingdom come!   It was in pieces.  My pillow was defiled...and He almost lost his voice. Now I realize I must train my son. 

2) So you're great at basketball...but how do you correlate that to your ability to get clothes into the clothes hamper?
I don't understand this.   I go out of my way to make an amazingly organized clothes hamper dresser...color coded!!   And yet every night there's at least one article of clothing that didn't make the foul shot. 

3) Exactly how much do you like chocolate?  Not a fan, it's alright, just as dessert, or I'm in an addiction help-group?
I was blindsided.  I knew Matt loved chocolate...but this was bad.  The one day we didn't have any chocolate in the house and he resorted to cocoa powder... 

4) What are your favorite tv shows?
I'll admit, when we were dating I was a tv junkie.  I had a slew of shows that I religiously watched throughout the week.  When we got married I got a DVR and my life was complete! ...until Matt figured out how to use the DVR (or maybe it was that he couldn't figure it out) and my shows got deleted...and replaced with numerous hillbilly reality shows! 

...these are just a few.  Again, I wouldn't have decided against marrying Matt for these. :)  We actually joke about this stuff all the time!  I feel like God put him in my life to shake up my rigidness...and boy is he!
What kind of things do you wish you knew before you got married? I'd love to hear!!


  1. ha ha good advice! Also they must take out the trash. It's part of the contract.

  2. oh no! Neither one of you is a bug killer? You MUST train your son. He is your only hope. LOL. My husband had a weird thing about putting clothes on top of the hamper and not in it. Why??? I don't know but he's gotten better.

  3. Hahahahha. Oh yes, those are some important questions! Not married (yet) but this post has me thinking.... hmmmm.

  4. OMG, TV shows and putting the clothes in the hamper. Very key. My hubby loves the Walking dead and I cannot stand it, luckily he also loves shows that I love so at least we are not fighting over the remote.

  5. Thanks for the heads up! Not yet married so I should think of some questions for the FI :)

  6. I got lucky I think! Hubs will put his clothes in the hamper (me not so much, LOL!) and he will kill anything that's moving that isn't the dogs or children! We have snakes in our yard a few times a month and those lovely HUGE palmetto bugs are always in the garage (so I am NEVER in the garage) He isn't much for TV BUT he will eat all the snacks and not tell me its gone or all the ice cream, UGH! For some reason he used to leave his shoes in random places and I would trip on them (he's gotten better thankfully!) and now that I think about it he leaves he glass on the coffee table or by the couch on the floor after he's finished drinking out of it. I usually just pick it up, but I am gonna have to work on him with that since the baby will be crawling soon!

  7. Hahahaha omg! I'm dying over here! You are hilarious.

    I wish I knew how much he loved dogs. He sends me pictures of dogs everyday because he wants another one. I refuse! I can't have two dogs, lol.

    I wish I knew that he does not believe in repacing the toilet paper in its stand. He'll get a new one and just put it on the sink. Why?!

  8. Oh and the trash. If it is too full he'll take the bag out and leave it open that way he can put more things in it. Why not just put in a new bag. You're halfway there!

    1. Matt. does. this. too!! Ugh! And there's no new bag in the can and I keep throwing things into it!!


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