Monday, April 15, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

...On keeping the marriage a sizzlin'
haha... don't worry.  This topic isn't going to get all PG-13 on you.  In actuality, just wanted to share with you all the new marriage class our church is hosting.  It's a morning class after the main service that focuses on couple in the first 5 years of marriage.  They appropriately named it "Foundations" it's in those first formidable years that you establish a good strong base to build your lifelong marriage.
The curriculum we're currently starting is The Art of Marriage.
Topics addressed in the six sessions
  1. Love Happens: God’s Purpose and Plan
  2. Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation
  3. Love Dances: Fulfilling Our Responsibilities
  4. Love Interrupted: Communication and Conflict
  5. Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy
  6. Love Always: Leaving a Lasting Legacy
We had the first session this past Sunday and it was so informative!  Basically we learned and discussed the importance of what God intended for a marriage.  How we're both different people and we need to respect each other as husband and wife.  A lot of the interviews were very funny...but at the same time so true.  There was even football analogies that really grabbed the guy's attention.  I think we're going to really love it!

I'm personally, a huge advocate for marriage aid material.  Because let's be honest...being married isn't a walk in the park!  The engagement is exciting, the wedding is blissful and the honeymoon is dreamy.  But then you come home and the day-to-day involves compromise, forgiveness, respect, communication and name a few!  It's not like having a college roommate...or a temporary sleepover.  This is your life partner, your best friend and companion.  Someone you should feel comfortable opening up to completely and sharing your feelings, dreams, desires and hopes with.  If you feel vulnerable...then you've got it... but it takes work!!   I enjoy reading or hearing other people's the hopes that we avoid the mistakes they may have made. 

Still...trials come.  I guess we're just trying to be the most prepared. :)
If you're interested,  they offer small group study material through their website.


  1. Love this and completely agree with it all!

    Ahhh when I see pictures of your wedding it takes me back to our crazy wedding planning days :)

  2. Marriage is definitely a lot of work but so, so worth it!

    I love seeing these photos!! Ahhh.. PW... I miss those days so much!

    1. It is so worth it! I don't know what I would do without my wingman! :) I miss PW days too!

  3. I appreciate your honesty about all that marriage is -- the good, the bad, and the HARD WORK.

    1. Oh and I remember seeing your wedding photos long before I followed your blog -- you were one of the most beautiful brides I had seen. Hands down.

    2. Thanks so much Josie...You have me blushin'! :)

    3. Doesn't seem fair not to lay out the truth of the matter. I feel like so many young people rush in thinking the puppy love of it lasts all the time. Don't get me wrong...there are a lot of fun lovey dovey times. But there are also times of serious discussion. Especially when it comes to finances, managing a household...and don't forget the babies!! :) It's just best to get educated and counseled...before it feels too late!

  4. Such a great idea. Keep up the good work

  5. this is really a great idea. marriage can be hard work but having both partners with the same values helps and having a supportive community like your church strengthens it.

    keep up the great work


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