Monday, April 8, 2013

Marriage & Motherhood Monday

This past weekend was all about reconnecting with the family.  As much as I wanted to be all DIY crazy...I needed a weekend at home to get the bills paid, taxes filed, birthday invites mailed and some quality TLC with my hubby and son.
On Friday night...I booked a reservation at Brasa downtown for a double date with my parents.  It's a Brazilian Steakhouse that's known for it's all-you-can meat that's served on giant skewers!  Salad bar was amazing too!
Salad Bar
Here comes the first round of meat!
The night was also significant in that this was the first night we left lil A at home with a babysitter who was a non-family member.  I thought I was going to be more nervous...but I was completely fine...and A did great!

On Saturday...Matt had to work :(
I went and got A from his crib and brought him to our bed to sleep in with me until 8:15!  We woke up all bright eyed and chipper, ate breakfast and scurried over to church for a 5K training class.  We were late...since it was at 9am!  But we didn't miss the workout!  A sat in his jogging stroller all bundled up and cheered as we put in 2 miles of laps. :)   When we got home he passed out for a couple hours while I got all the paper stuff done in the house.  Felt really good to have the office back up-to-date. :)

When he woke up from his nap, it was warmer out, so we went out on a walk to deliver his birthday invites to the neighbors.  When we got back, Matt was home from work.  We spent the rest of the evening at a get together at a close friend's house.

On Sunday...we went to church
We had a guest speaker who preached an awesome message about forgiving others the way Jesus forgave us.  It had me really thinking about how I deal with people who upset me. Harboring anger definitely isn't a good thing. (haha... I know...when am I ever angry?! )...I have my moments though!  When we got home we changed and headed out to our town square for a walk.  We visited the local coffee shop and strolled the promenade.

I guess the sun felt good!
We headed to our local library and got some books and a couple movies.  It was lil A's first time in the library and he was so quiet!  I don't understand how he managed that, but he was enthralled by all the books!  

Yes, he's reading up on some medical chemistry...
We did some grocery shopping and heading home to just hang out and watch a movie. One of them was Cowboys and was ok.  Good cast...but different. :) 
Well there you have it...another relaxing weekend...and another one whereby I didn't get one picture of myself lol!  Oh well... you all would rather see this lil dude anyways. 


  1. Oh what fun! Love the look on A's face in the library. CLEARLY, he knows what's up. Too cute!!!

    Lil guy is a fashion model in the making. Love his outfit too!

  2. You are so right! I would rather see his gorgeous little face ;)

    I love that he was quiet in the library! Such a good boy!

    His smile is the cutest thing ever! And he is such a great dresser! :)

  3. What a great weekend. I loved how A was so quiet in the library. When I took Zee for the first time she made so much noise. So glad we were in a baby group.

    As for that meal, that was a lot if meat! I would be stuffed too.

  4. he is so sweet, look at that lovely gentleman's hat :)

  5. Your little guy looks so adorable with his little cap! I love it!

  6. AHHHHH Lil A is soooooooooooo cute!!!


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