Friday, April 12, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 
Wow...the day got away from me and forgot to type out this post!! Not to mention I've been going through the day thinking it was Thursday!   I hope that means I'm going to enjoy this weekend that much more!

Thank you for this amazing week!  We finally hit 70 deg weather for a couple days...Spring is definitely here!   Lil A is getting used to evening walks outside and he's loving it...I think. :)

Thank you for my 5K training!!  We have another session tomorrow morning and I'm ready to go.  Matt is coming with this time, so I'm excited to have the whole family involved!  My new running kicks came in the mail too...and of course...I love them. 

Wednesday was National Sibling Day and I had no idea!!  I got home late and saw a slew of sibling pics and mentionings on fb and I panicked!  I quickly put together a collage and posted! haha.  
But seriously, God, thank you so much for my baby sister.  She may be 4 years younger, but she's full of more wisdom than she gives herself credit.  I love her sarcasm, her zen for life, her love for her friends and family and most of all for her being my sister...and no one elses!!!  (Yeah, I don't share well hehe).  I feel so blessed to have her...and lil A is lucky to have her as an aunt!

Thank you for the upcoming weekend!  There's a lot of dust flying around inside my house...I hope that's hint enough for all my readers that some projects are definitely underway again.  Feels good to be able to open up the doors and windows and have the saws and sanders running!  
Keep us all safe... 

With love, 
Your daughter

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  1. Happy Friday! You and your sister are both soo gorgeous! And yay to projects around the house beginning.

    Enjoy your run tomorrow!



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