Friday, April 19, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 
Thank you for getting through yet another productive week.  My new wake-up schedule is working out for me.  I'm able to get the house chores done and still spend time with lil A when I get off work. :)   Don't even get me started on the beautiful weather!!  Hitting 85 deg yesterday was amazing...and then not-so-much when my a/c wouldn't kick on in my car!!  :( 

Thank you for Joann Fabrics!  We began re-upholstery work on the couches in the blue room finally!  It wasn't until we had the first chair completely stripped that we realized we didn't purchase enough fabric.  After finding out it was now discontinued, I almost gave up in tears.  But you came through and helped me accept a new direction!  We found another fabric that compliments the old one perfectly!! 

Thank you for the strength to plan lil A's first birthday party!!  Invites arrived at their destinations!!  We have about 50% RSVP's just to get the last of the details squared away.  Our lil cowboy is ready to party!

We realized kind of last min that we need we decided to invest in some.  I'm sure we'll be having parties/get-togethers like this in the future! Need to finalize the menu too this weekend!

Thank you for my 5K training!  We have another practice tomorrow morning.  I'm getting a little nervous about taking lil A with me on the run...his stroller is made for running, but it also makes the whole race harder on me.  I just need more confidence that I'll have the strength and endurance to finish. 

Thank you for helping Matt to get all the mudding done on the wall niches!  Looks like he has one more sand job then we can start painting! 
Please be with those that were greatly affected by the bombings in Boston.  Lord, only you know why we live in a world where such evil can happen.  Trusting in you for healing and understanding.

Thank you for my blogger friends!!  Praying they all have super amazing weekends! 

Much love, 
Your daughter


  1. Beautiful post.

    Have an awesome weekend!

  2. Please keep us in your prayers as they continue to hunt down the last suspect.

  3. baby boy is the cutest! :) enjoy your weekend


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