Monday, May 27, 2013

2nd Annual Planting Party!

Remember the planting party I attended at, my friend, Diane's house?  Well I brought the tradition to Cleveland and last year helped host it at my mom's house.  This year I decided to host!   We had delicious brunch  of French Toast, Blueberry Cobbler, Fruit Salad and Texas-Style Breakfast Casserole. Afterwards,we went outside to start planting our pots!
How it worked was each person was to bring:
- A flast of plants/flowers
- Pots to plant in
- Garden tools and gloves.

As host, I provided the dirt/plant food.

 **This is a pic heavy post!! ...Enjoy!**


 How sweet is this...Mother & Son. :)

Meanwhile... my Father/Son duo was assembling the new slide! 

Yes, that's a real screwdriver he was playing with...sigh...

  My friend, Glenda was showing us the bulbs she brought.  I got a quick lesson on how/when to plant them!  So excited to have Spring flowers next year! 

 We all had a great time!!  Can't wait to see the flowers all grown and in full bloom!!  Feels nice to have that already done for the season too!   


  1. How perfect! The flowers are beautiful!

    Avery with the screwdriver cracked me up. Already handy, haha.

    And the comment above...strange. Go away Steve.

    1. He's a natural with the tools... what can I say?! You should see him with his toy hammer and nails. It makes me want to cry with joy...!

    2. Oh...and I dealt with Steve! How weird! I've been getting so much spam lately!

  2. What a great event! I'd love to go to one and maybe host one too! Avery's head full of curls is so precious. What is your hair care regimen for him? Please do a blog post of what you do!

    1. I can definitely post a hair care regimen on lil A. It's not that intense quite yet...but I don't mind doing a product review! :) Stay tuned!

  3. What a fun day, looks like everyone had a great time.

    You are doing an amazing job with your big girl camera by the way. Maybe you should let someone take pics that you are actually in sometimes ;).

    1. I know!! I'm training Matt now so that I can be in some! :)

  4. this looks great to me. I love the father/son diy assembling :). the flowers are beautiful


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