Monday, May 13, 2013

Date Night: When we stayed out like teenagers

A couple weeks ago Matt and I finally got the chance to go out on a date night with our good friends Rick and Joelle!   We had been rescheduling for over a month and the adult time was much overdue!  We even made the plunge to have lil A stay overnight at my parent's house for the first time!  (Yeah, I think I was more ready for that than Matt was lol)
Anywho, We rushed home after work, cleaned up and got on the road...
#yesimwearingthis: It was a red skinny jean night for sure
A trip recap is never complete until you have the car pics! 

So...first stop was dinner at a lil restaurant called The Chocolate Bar.  Yes, chocolate!  Matt practically had a heart attack while reading the menu!  I understood that dessert would be chocolate heavy, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it in soups and entrees!  I wasn't brave enough to try it. lol.  Matt got the pasta with white chocolate seasoned sauce.  I stuck with a steak haha.
Dessert was another story.  I got what they call the "Chocolate Fusion": Fudge Brownie, Belgian Chocolate Cheesecake, Topped with Dark and Light Chocolate Mousse...amazing...
Matt order the "Raspberry Ruffle Truffle" ...basically a raspberry chocolate cheesecake.  Needless to say, his nickname stuck as "Ruffle Truffle" for the night haha. 

We decided to go out bowling after dinner... I was super excited as I haven't bowled in YEARS! 
Forgot my footwear would have to change!

We bowled until the wee-hours of the night!  Basically...we closed the place down!  
(This is when we acted like teenagers again!)

Scary eyes!
Around 2:30 am we crawled into bed and passed out.  So glad lil A wasn't home for the early wake-up call! 
Had a great time though!!  Can't wait to head out with Rick and Joelle again...with Starbucks coffee in hand of course! :) 


  1. Chocolate in soups and entree's what? That's different. Glad you finally got your adult date night. You gotta have one every now and then.

  2. So fun! Looks like y'all had a great time.

    I need to go to a chocolate bar!

    And look at that. Y'all survived a night without A. Must have been a little strange, huh?

  3. A chocolate bar sounds delicious! I'm glad you guys had a good time!


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