Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Son's 1st Birthday (Part 1)

Today is my son's first birthday!!  I can't believe I have a toddler now!  I've been looking at pictures of him from when we first brought him from the hospital and it's amazing to see how big he's grown!  So, his birthday party was this past Saturday...I'm going to take the whole week to cover it since I have over 100 pictures taken!  I hope to take his last monthly picture tonight and have his milestone update for you all tomorrow!  I'll probably cry as I type that out. :(

Ok... so let's discuss the party!  I figure first off will be the cake. :)  This was my one labor of love for the party.  I've never actually made a fondant based cake before so I spent over a month reading tutorials and finally settled on one from RoseBakes.  I got the design idea of Pinterest of course...and Rose actually made one similar as well!

**Warning!!  This post is a photo sensory overload!!**

All the professional photos were taken by Philipa Mugabi with Photographs by Suubi.  Please give credit where due. 
Philipa also happens to be my cousin...and I don't know what I would have done without her photography amazingness!!  Many thanks to her for coming down from Canada to help capture this special day for us!
The cake was primarily fondant.  After doing a trial run I realized I could not make the deep red or chocolate brown simply by dying it.  So I had to purchase those already made.  The blue for the blue jeans was homemade using a simple marshmallow/powdered sugar recipe.

The top layer (lil A's smash cake) is actually cream cheese frosting from the can.  I simply melted the icing and poured it on.  I then draped the chocolate brown fondant spots on.
 The second layer was the bandanna.  It was the easiest to design.  I used tubed icing to draw on the paisley print.  
The bottom layer was the hardest.  It was the jeans, with belt and belt buckle.  The buckle had three coats of gold glaze that didn't come out like I expected, but it worked ok.

Lil A seemed to enjoy his smash cake.  He first approached the cake tentatively.  I had to actually smash his hand in to get the momentum going.  After that, he dug his way through 1/2 of it. :)

Feeding Jajja her piece

Want some?
Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

...oh we didn't just have cake... we had cupcakes too!  My coworker's wife makes these AMAZING cupcakes.  We ordered Strawberry Lemonade and Oreo....and yes, they were as amazing as they looked!

Heat got to some of them...but they still tasted great!! 

Stay tuned for more recaps!
Meanwhile, check out the parties I'm visiting!


  1. Oh my.. That cake is DARLING!!!!

    Happy Birthday, A!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a handsome fella he's becoming ;)

  2. Something is seriously great about you, who makes a cake like that on their first try! Great Job! Happy Birthday to your son! - lcornish1

  3. Wow! You did an amazing job on the cake.
    Happy 1st birthday Lil A!

  4. Hold up, let me find the jaw I For real though, that's a pretty amazing cake for a first time try!!!! A is so cute. Maybe he just couldn't bring himself to smash mommy's work of art! Looking forward to the rest of the recap.

  5. OMG!! That cake came out perfect! Aww, Happy Birthday Lil A!! It looks like he had an amazing party girl! Can I put my order in for Greyson's cake in November! :-D

  6. you are the queen! bowing down to you right now ...

    so in a few years you're coming to my baby 1st party and making the cake. not a suggestion ... a demand ;)

    i'm so excited to see more!!!

  7. I love it! (The cake and the birthday boy!) I can't wait to see more pics!

  8. Oh wow! Little A is one lucky guy! Happy 1st birthday to him. You did a terrific job! Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts this week.

  9. Wow! That is one amazing cake!! Jan-

  10. I knew this kid's party would be fabulous. That cake is absolutely amazing. It's so cute and I bet it tasted great. You are super mom!!

  11. You are AMAZING!!! That cake is fabulous. You really are super mom. I need to get on your level :)

  12. Wow, just wow. You are one FABULOUS mama

  13. happy birthday little boy. the party looks awesome and he is such a cutie tiny cowboy :). You are sure WONDERFUL, everything was perfectly planned, great work :)

  14. Wow!!! Let's just say: When I grow up and become a mom, I want to be like Mama Avery :) Awesome job!!!

  15. You made that cake?! Come on Kathy!!!! The precious/motivation is on. The cake looks fabulous and professionally made. The whole party was put together soooooo nicely. Like this should be your thing. Or your side hustle. I'd hire you ( wink... wink.. wink. totally, not kidding).

    Happy 1st birthday Avery!!!

  16. Wow! You did an amazing job! You're such a good mum!

  17. Belated birthday greetings from Auntie Rachel Nakalembe.

    May Avery live to blow 100+ candles!

    Thank you Kathy & Matt for taking care of the little one

  18. This is totally awesome and your boy is so cute! I'm sure that took quite a while to put together but it looks amazing!


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