Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Son's 1st Birthday (Part 2)

{Weight} 22 lbs...according to bathroom scale
{Height} not sure!...he has a 12 month appointment coming up
{Clothing Size} 12 months
  • We have an official walker!  He's really into everything now.  
  • He has a real routine now in terms of what he likes to do.  Whether it's out of the tub, he has to turn off the light himself and he has to brush his hair...then mommy's... then he'll kind of lay still to get lotioned and dressed. :)
  • He still loves to share.  It's now, one lick for you...two licks for me. 
  • He learned what "up" is... but still confuses it with lights. (which happen to be up too!)
  • I think he said mama the other day... then he laughed and said da-da.  Grrr!!!
  • We have 6 teeth now!  4 on  top and 2 on the bottom
  • He's learned to point at things... and grunt when he wants an item or taken somewhere.. 
{Monthly Highlight}
The walking is really taking of!  We're so proud of him.  He now makes an effort to crawl to an object that helps him stand upright so he can continue walking to his destination. He's eager to start running, but for now will settle with just trying to turn in a different direction.  It's so cute seeing his lil face scrunch up in concentration...then the happiness when he succeeds!

He officially eats everything we eat.  We don't puree anything anymore.  So we can now say we never purchased any store bought baby food for A. :)  I'm glad we went this route and proud of where he is now food wise.  For his birthday we took him to a mexican restaurant (his fav) and he had a blast eating salsa, beans, guacamole and one of my chimichangas!! 

He's still doing 9 hours during the weekdays and an hour more on the weekends.  He naps into the 3-4 hour range without affecting his night-sleep.  When he wakes up he usually needs a couple min of cuddle time before he's ready to raid the house. :) 

  • Sneaking around the corner to climb the stairs...but waiting on the third step for us to come find him so he can race up. 
  • Waking up daddy by pressing the "sleep" button on his alarm clock
  • Figuring out how things work...like drawers, remotes, baby gates, new toys.
  • Climbing anything...and everything
  • Squeezing in and between areas he obviously does not fit into...most recently behind the couch.
  • The washer and dryer (front loaders)
  • Dogs!!
  • Toilet paper raiding just got serious. He now transfers the unraveled pieces to the tub for disposal...

  • Being told "no" or "stop" 
  • Being left unattended
  • Mommy doing any type of chore without holding him


  1. Too precious! I LOVE that baby walk, sooo adorable with that little leg, you captured it perfectly!! Sweet little man!!

  2. So cute! Love all the milestones!

  3. Oh, look at him go!!!! The dislikes sound just like my little nephew. He wants attention and if you tell him no he cries.

  4. Oh my gosh he sounds exactly like my Sharkie!!! They would be the best of (lil cute mischievous) friends!!

  5. Too freaking cute!!!! I can't take that baby walk -- so precious.


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