Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Son's 1st Birthday (Part 4)

Favors & Games

I love making favors.  I don't know why... but I love coming up with a take-home gift that takes the party home for all our guests.  This was no exception.  I didn't want to send the kiddos home with more candy and trinkits that the parents didn't want in the house.  (Like apparently Play-doh is a HUGE no-no for most parents!!  Didn't know this!)  Anywho... I decided to go with a food based favor that went with our theme: Trail Mix!  Instead of buying the store-bought I made it using foods that were pretty baby friendly... and no nuts!
Ingredients: Pretzels, Gold Fish Crackers, m&ms and raisins
I wanted something else for each family to be able to take home as we made cookie-in-a-jar recipes.  I scaled them down to 1 pint and decorated them with bandanna print fabric and labels with detailed instructions for make a batch of m&m chocolate chip cookies!

 Games:  We set up two game stations.  Nothing fancy...but we wanted the kids that were coming to have something fun to do.   The first station was "Wrangle a Cow, Wrestle a Pig".  We had a play pin filled with cow and pig balloons that were numbered.  The kids first drew from a basket a number for either a pig or cow.  They then had to go in and find that numbered animal!  With the wind already whipping around, this turned out to be a really fun game for the kids and adults who were trying to corral the runaway balloons!

The second was a "Pan for Gold" station.  My sister graciously got this cute elevated sandbox for A for his birthday present.  It arrived about a month ago! :)  We filled it with sand and hid a bag worth of mini-snickers for the kids to dig for.  Weather was perfect and the candies didn't melt.  The built-in umbrella helped a ton too!  It was funny when the first kid noticed that there was candy really was a "gold rush"!

Found one!!
Didn't realize A was accumulating a chocolate stash...just like his parents! 

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  1. Loved this party. Felt like I was there.
    Happy birthday To A. Great job!

  2. Oh my! How creative! I love the pan of gold idea! I just might use it :-). Thanks for sharing.

  3. Such a great party! I love that A was so involved!

    1. I was surprised he was so involved! He played each game and sat to open gifts. Couldn't have asked for a better temperament.

  4. How perfect! I stalked the whole series with a pen and pad and you have my creative juices flowing! Good Job Mama!


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