Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reupholstery Make-over...Finally done!

I'm literally smiling ear-to-ear as I type up this post.  This is a project that took years to complete!  I'm not kidding!  We initially started working on our "pretty room" (aka Living Room) when we first moved in...that was 2009!  We got the painting done, then got the curtains up...but the reupholstery on the couch and chair was constantly being put on the back burner.  The fabric was purchased around early 2010...and just sat there....literally. ha!  Well of course I can't take much, if any, credit for this amazing feat!  It all goes to my mom.  She's the amazing reupholster queen.  I merely helped with tearing off the old fabric and handling the staple gun.  But seriously... not sure what I would do without my mom and her amazing sewing skills...
So here was our room in progression from when we moved in...
After we painted and DIY Decor
And now...with the completed reupholstery...

 So the gray fabric is what we had bought initially in 2009.  We recently purchased the darker bluish-gray fabric to accent the cushions and I love it!  The all-gray would have washed out the entire piece.  This way...all the colors in the room have been utilized and get some spotlight. 

  I think a lot of people think that reupholstering is a "cheaper" way to go when revamping furniture.  And it can be if you select cheaper fabric...or at least on sale.  The thing is, you want to purchase a very durable fabric that will withstand what you plan to throw at it.  We have a small kid...and a future look at more and possibly a dog.  The chairs we had were given to us from a friend (free of charge) and were in great condition (frame-wise) just needed an up-lift.  The fabric we got was on sale, but we still spent close to $500 on it.  And the labor...was INTENSIVE!  These chairs were built well!  It took us a few days to remove the old fabric! 

The cushion print has a blend of brown, gray and blue and is busy enough to hide small stains (which I'm sure will come!) and is woven tight enough to repel some spills from getting into the foam. 
 My mom made the pillow covers with zippers, so they can be removed and washed when necessary.  This is a huge plus!!

 The pleat work is one of my favorite gives a "finished look".

 I don't think I even need to comment on how comfy the set it too... yeah...I can definitely get used to curling up on this chair with a good book.  

 So there you have it!  One room in our house is completely done!! ...for now. ha!  You know me.  I see some more potential with the tables.  Been kicking around the idea of maybe sanding them down and re-staining.  But oh... let me enjoy this space for a bit. :)


  1. did an amazing job with the colors and your mom did an amazing job sewing all those pillow and cushions! Kudos!!!

  2. It's gorgeous!! Your Mom is super talented!!

  3. You did a great job! Love the two tone look. Those couches look so plush and comfy.

  4. Wow! Nice update. The accent wall really gives the room character!

  5. What an awesome makeover. Wow!!! You are on a roll.

  6. Wow, so nicely done. You guys do such a great job with your DIY. I always love seeing your finished products

  7. I'm smiling ear to ear because I remember how long you've been wanting this! It looks so good! Your mom is so talented!


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