Friday, May 31, 2013

Thank God It's Friday!

Dear God, 
Thank you so much for this past month!'s been forever since I could sit back and sigh and say , "wow, that was productive!".  Thank you for getting our butts into gear and helping us get a LOT of things accomplished in so little time!  If this is just a glimpse of what we have in store for the summer...I'm so stoked! 

Sorry I've waited so long to even have a Thank you post...but believe me...I have so much to be thankful for! 

Thank you for my husband!  Man, he's amazing!  I feel blessed to have such a handyman who gets my weird drawings that I want him to build...and a guy with a sense of humor that is completely in-sync with mine!

Thank you for such a memorable birthday party for lil A!  Planning it was so much fun...and I truly believe he enjoyed himself as well!  I woke up the morning of his birthday party and literally cried.  I couldn't believe a year of my baby's life was here...and just as fast leaving.  He's gone through so many milestones, and I feel blessed to be his mommy.  His smile... it's all I need to get through my day. :)

Thank you for my growing peanut!  He's sleeping and eating a lot lately...which means he's going through yet another growth spurt!  I keep catching myself watching him sleep because I feel like he's literally growing before my eyes!  I can't cradle him like a used to...and when I carry him up the stairs I 'm practically panting at the top!
Thank you for all the projects we managed to finish up this month!  I know I kept making promises to my readers that I would post the finished products and I don't blame them if they gave up waiting!  But they're done!!  
Wall Niches - Done!

Couch Re-upholstery - Done!
I even managed to get the board for the growth chart stained!  It's in the garage drying and I plan to add the decal and lay a coat of polyurethane this weekend!  

Thank you for the weekend you have planned for us!  Can't wait to make more memories! 

Your Daughter


  1. Baby A is clothed diapered? How do you like it? We are debating making the switch but not sure if it makes sense since Ian is almost 8 months :/

    1. Oh yeah! We love the cloth! I did a review post when he was a bit younger about it. Seriously, the cost savings alone have made it worth it! I've only bought disposables about 4 times since he's been born! I don't think it's ever to late to start. They say it makes for easier transition to potty training and already A has been using the potty for the last couple months. Here's the post:

  2. Oh he's precious!! And happy Friday to you. I've been reallllyyyy waiting for Friday too!

  3. The wall niches are fabulous! I am so ready to start making my house a home and love getting ideas from your blog. We are going to start really working on the house when I am done with residency though so I still have time to look to your blog for home renovation tips!

  4. Praise God for everything that he has led you through. You truly are an inspiration. I wish I had half your energy and creativity. And Lil A is so precious! God is faithful.


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