Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There's a hole in the Wall (Part 1)

Hey Everyone!! (Waves enthusiastically)
So this is the long awaited post detailing the installation/execution of our wall niches!  I took a lot of pictures and it's over a long period of time, so the reveal is coming at you in 3-parts.  (Design & Demolition, Construction & Installation, Paint & Details!)
This entire project was done by my amazing husband, Matt.  I literally did nothing but keep our child occupied. (which could be considered a great feat).  Ha... well I bet you're all dying to have me quit babbling and get on with it! Here we go...
Design Phase...
For awhile, Matt and I have been struggling with what to do with our downstairs hallway.  For one, it was still builders grade white...and secondly, there was a huge wall that screamed for attention.  The way the house was constructed, there was a visual cut out from the living room that opened up to this "wall"...that we had nothing on!   It almost needed an amazing piece of art...which isn't really our style.  So after some hunting online we got some inspiring images of wall niches.  We decided that was what the wall needed... an architectual element!

The first step was tape off the design we wanted.  This was done using painter's tape.  Don't mind the 1/2 taped squares...we started running out of tape!  You get the idea though.

The final design choice.

Demolition Phase...
So with the design measured off and taped in place, Matt got down to cutting the dry wall out.  This is where things got a bit sticky.  Cutting into the wall we were blind as to what might lay behind it!...

Sure enough, we realized the middle hole was occupied with the vent that carries our return air from Avery's room!!  Emergency redesign!

 We decided to make the outside squares a little larger and close off the middle section.  I would have to find the perfect fitting art piece to put in between...sure...no problem. (bangs head on wall...)


  1. This looks so very exciting! Even though you guys ran into a vent, it's great that you quickly thought of a redesign.

  2. The two of you are amazing!


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