Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There's a Hole in the Wall (Part 3 & Final)

So I left off last week with the Construction & Installation part of the project.  Matt had gotten everything wired up and he spent the next week and a half mudding, smoothing and sanding. (Too messy a job to get pics!) Soon it was time to start painting!  We (of course) used Sherwin-Williams paint.  Color for the wall all through the hallway was going to be Wheat Penny.  Inside the niches would be Oyster Bar.

SW7705 - Wheat Penny

SW7565 - Oyster Bar

As for decor, we went to Old Time Pottery and found these vases that were the perfect size!!  And get this...they only had 4 left!  I told Matt it was a sign that we had to get them!   We also found a metal art picture that tied in with the vases perfectly!  All of which cost us $50!  Not bad...

So I go posting enough pictures to do a magazine spread.  Couldn't help it though... wanted to capture all angles.  My lil model was running in circles around the house, so enjoy his "blurred" appearances.

Here are a couple Before & After shots...

As you can see the entire hallway was painted wheat penny.  The lights are wired into a switch that sits next to the rest of the hall light switches! (It's the one on the far right!)
Now for the picture overload...Enjoy!

Here is a view of the rest of the hallway that was painted as well...and I love it!  At first we were worried the color was too dark and bold, but it flows perfectly into each of the two living spaces.

 So there you have it!  Our wall niches are complete and we're extremely happy with the results! 


  1. Wow wow wow! I can't believe y'all did this! It looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Faith! I can'tbelieve we...I mean, Matt did it either! :)

  2. This is incredible!!! Really great job!! This should be featured in a home improvement mag! :)

  3. OMG! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! You guys did a FABULOUS job!

  4. Wow, the colour choice was definitely bold, I don't know if I would have gone for it, but looking at the outcome, it all came together so beautifully. Well done guys!!!!

  5. oh mylanta....it is so beautiful!
    Great job, amazing results!

  6. This look amazing! Good for you for having such a handy husband for being so creative yourself.

  7. Wow, looks like a magazine spread. You guys are amazing DIYers

  8. WOW! Outstanding! Can't believe you guys did this yourselves. This looks so professional.


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